The Compliment Box: How to Spread Love Around Your Home

I was listening to NPR the other day, and a piece came on about a new app called “Brighten.” You can send virtual compliments to loved ones with it. The creator was inspired by a “Compliment Box” that he saw in use at a friend’s house. Family members would anonymously leave kind notes to each other throughout the week and then gather together to read them aloud.

I immediately grabbed on to the idea. It’s the month of love, after all, and we could all use an extra dose right now.

So, in an attempt to be creative, I made my own box. I started out with a plain heart-shaped container from Target.







Then I decorated it. And yes, I know what you’re thinking – hard to believe I’m not marketing these!








I set it up by the front door with colored pencils and note cards. And I waited.

My kids noticed it right away when they came home from school, and I was pleasantly surprised that they were enthusiastically on board.  They even reported to me when they had put a compliment in the box.

Then, on Sunday night, we met up in the living room to open the heart and share our love.

I pulled out the first note, and such lovely word flowed forth: “My wife is beautiful.” “I like how Emory has so many ideas and acts on them.” “Travis, you are the family cheerleader.”

And then this one.

“Carolyn is focused & driven & she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.”


So, it appears there need to be some ground rules. In addition to “keeping it clean,” everyone should write to each member of the family so that no one ends up like my poor husband who only got one praise.

But despite our bumpy start, it did have the intended effect. My daughter asked me to repeat her compliments so she could Snap Chat them.  My son asked me to elaborate on why I liked his ideas. And I got a much-needed boost after a busy week.

This month, I encourage all you mamas to spread the love around your home, and maybe throw in a few compliments to yourselves!

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Alison is a Florida transplant who came to Atlanta just in time for the '96 Olympics. She married her husband Travis that same year and is the proud mama of daughter Carolyn, 23, and son Emory, 21. She is a 5th grade teacher, with a side hustle as a graphic designer, and is an avid rooster enthusiast. She enjoys blogging, watching her kids follow their dreams, and spending as much time as possible on her back deck.


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