An Etsy Gift Guide (aka A Few of my Favorite Things)

An Etsy Gift Guide (aka A Few of my Favorite Things)

It’s always recommended to “shop small” around the holidays in order to support small businesses and local artisans. This year, I think that recommendation is even more important. As of October, nearly half of businesses with 4 or fewer employees were reporting being severely impacted by COVID.

Etsy is one of my favorite places to go for unique gifts that also support small businesses and independent artisans. If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, its Wikipedia page states that “The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods for a fee”. As an Etsy seller, I know first-hand how meaningful it is for someone you’ve never met to purchase something that you have put your own time, effort, and creativity into.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite items and shops on Etsy:

For Babies

  • Personalized baby swaddles and hats or bow wraps from SewMineDesignIf you need the *perfect* baby shower gift, check out these custom swaddles and blankets, starting at $39.99 for the swaddle and $21.99 for the bow wrap. (Located in Blackfoot, Idaho) 

  • Monthly Milestone blocks from MainEventUSA: These customizable blocks are perfect for baby’s monthly milestone photos and include holidays in addition to the standard “x months old”. Get 6 blocks for $29.87. (Located in Nashville, TN)

  • Wooden name puzzles by BloomOwl: These wooden cut-out name puzzles are such a classic gift. With prices varying based on the number of letters in the child’s name, you can expect to spend between $19.99 and $33.59 for the basic puzzle, but this is a gift that will last a while and get lots of use! (Located in Greene, New York)

Wooden Name Puzzle Christmas Gift for Kids Personalized Name Rose Dust (Emerson)

For Older Children

  • Octopus fidget toys by Scooty3DPrintsALot: kids love to fidget and these cute toys are made just for that. They are available in a variety of colors (including glow-in-the-dark!), and if octopuses aren’t your kids’ things, the shop also offers cats, sharks, dinosaurs, unicorns, and more. Currently priced at $4.24. (Located in Endicott, NY)

Flexible Octopus Fidget Toy Desk Toy Butterfly Toy image 1

  • Custom LED nightlights from FortyOneTenDesign: These super cute nightlights can be made with over 50 different images and are personalized with your child’s name. $17.99. (Located in Canton, TX)

LED Night Light 52 Design Options Acrylic Display image 0

For Moms

  • Bath bombs by LifeAround2Angels: You know Mom wants to relax, so why not pamper her a little with some bubbly for her bath? Available in a variety of scents, including Pink Sugar and Mango Papaya, you can get a 12 pack for $28.80.

12 Pack Bath Bombs Gift Set Assorted Scent or You Choose Shea image 0

  • Turn your child’s drawing into a necklace with MatthewCraftShop: quite possibly the cutest idea ever, this shop will take a drawing you provide and translate it into a wearable piece of art. Regularly $77, but currently priced at $38.50. (located in Paradise, CA)

Actual Kids Drawing Necklace/ Children Artwork Necklace/Kid image 1

For Anyone

  • Baby Yoda coffee cozie by ElenaMonroeBoutique: Everyone loves Baby Yoda right now, so you know this is the perfect gift for the coffee- or tea-lover in your life. Yoda, not your thing? The shop also has cozies featuring bumblebees, Disney characters, hearts, and more. Currently $9.

Crochet yod cozy galaxy hero cozy Star cup cozy wars cup image 2

  • Elastic bookmarks by BookartBookmarks: For the reader in your life, this shop makes bookmarks that never fall out and help you keep your place, even if your child drops your book. Each Book Art bookmark features something artsy, like a geode or charm, that is on an elastic strap that wraps around your book, marking your place. Prices range but are under $20. 

Mr. Dinosaur Artmark image 1

  • Mouse Ear headbands by CaSales: if you love those famous mice as much as everyone I know, you should probably check out the wide range of Mouse Ear headbands available here. You can find everything from rainbow sequins to bridal veils, mermaid scales, and more. Prices vary depending on intricacy, but most are under $10. (Located in Los Angeles, CA).

Rainbow Sparkly DIY Mouse Ears Rainbow Sequin DIY Mouse Ears image 0

Located in Georgia

mothers ring stackable custom hand stamped ring mothers image 0

Kids Crayons Party Favors Gifts Christmas Gift Easter image 2

anniversary gift anniversary pillow stick family stick image 0

Teacher Ornament 2020. Personalized Christmas Gift. Colorful image 1

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