A sticker. A surprise special treat {hot chocolate bombs, anyone?!}. A new toy. A hug and kiss just because. Whether it is big or small, seeing your child happy no doubt fills your heart. There is so much more that happiness does for a person – young and old! 

And happiness is more than an object or trip. There are skills that each of us can practice to establish happiness, even during challenging seasons of life (#2020).

  1. Positive Outlook: Thank about the greatest challenge you’re facing right now and write down three positive things you can learn from it. Check out this family from Atlanta and how they have worked to have a positive outlook!
  2. Human connection: From a safe distance, check on your neighbors who live alone to ensure they are okay. Meet the Bee Family from Atlanta to see how they are making connections!
  3. Mindfulness: Accept yourself. For today, treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend!
  4. Gratitude: Call a loved one and tell them why you’re grateful to have them in your life. 
  5. Generosity: Give of your time, talents or resources!
  6. Purpose: Make a list of what has made you feel excited to start the day

This holiday season, #givehappiness as a stocking stuffer, card or send to a friend or family member you haven’t been able to see this year! Don’t forget to print this checklist for easy ways to build and establish the essential skills for happiness in your life and in your home!

This year, LG Electronics USA has partnered with Be Strong, the non-profit empowering youth to prevent bullying, isolation and suicide by igniting positive change in peer behavior through a comprehensive student-led approach, to brighten the holidays for youth across America. According to the CDC, teenagers have been especially affected by the pandemic. Youth today are experiencing uncertainty social isolation, depression, anxiety and more.  LG technology is helping Be Strong student leaders stay connected while giving them the technology to share critical resources with their peers in their communities. As part of the “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness” initiative, LG is providing 100 LG gram laptops to support Be Strong’s student-led, social-emotional wellness efforts, which are needed now more than ever. 

We have partnered with LG Electronics USA and Be Strong for this post on happiness. But we 100% agree that these skills for happiness can help! 🙂