Create Your Own Mom Emergency Bag

Create Your Own Mom Emergency Bag
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Hey Atlanta moms! Let’s talk about being ready for anything with a DIY emergency bag.

Chances are, you’ve got most of this stuff already lying around – let’s just corral it into a super-useful kit for you, your man, and the kiddos.

1. Tough Bag Time:

Grab a backpack that won’t let you down. Something comfy and big enough for snacks and essentials. Bonus points if it’s cute, too!

Create Your Own Mom Emergency Bag

2. Hydration Headquarters:

Toss a stainless steel tumbler and a few water bottles in there. You probably have one “stan”-ding around 😉. Add some purifying tablets – you know, just in case the tap isn’t cooperating.

Create Your Own Mom Emergency Bag

3. Snacks on Standby:

Think granola bars, canned goods, and those dried fruits your kids pretend not to like. And don’t forget the gluten-free options!

4. First Aid Fun:

Assemble a first aid kit with band-aids, pain relievers, and maybe a superhero bandage or two. Alcohol prep pads, neosporin, and hand sanitizer. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep extras of your prescribed medications and inhalers in the bag or a separate bag close to it. And don’t forget the instructions – just in case you need a quick medical degree.

5. Fashion Flash:

A quick change of clothes, because accidents happen. Spare shoes close to the bag(s). A light jacket or a cozy blanket could included for added comfort.

Create Your Own Mom Emergency Bag

6. Light Show:

Flashlights are MVPs during power outages. Throw in some extra batteries – you never know when the kids will decide to have a flashlight disco party.

7. Swiss Army Chic:

A multitool or a Swiss Army knife is like a mom’s secret weapon. Opening cans, fixing stuff – you name it, it does it.

8. Glam Squad Gear:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap – keep the crew fresh. And for the little ones, diapers. But for everyone, wipes are must-haves. Talking about glam, it would be proper to have some extra sanitary napkins or tampons in there, you never know.

9. Documents Folder:

Photocopy the important stuff – IDs, insurance, cash, medical records – and stash them in a ziplock bag. Waterproof for the win!

10. Entertainment Extravaganza:

Pack tiny games, coloring books, or whatever keeps your tots entertained. Because a bored kid is a recipe for chaos.

11. Emergency Squad List:

Emergency contacts are like your mom’s BFFs. Keep a list handy – family, friends, and the local heroes. Make sure everyone knows where to find it, like placing it on the refrigerator door. 

So, Atlanta moms, there you have it – your no-nonsense, real-world emergency bag. Whether you decide to have one go-to bag for the whole family or each of the family members should have their own, talk about it at the next family meeting. Tweak it, update it, and keep it chill. Your future self will thank you when you’re the mom with the plan! 


Feel free to use and customize this checklist!

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Audrey Quinones
Originally from Puerto Rico, Audrey grew up in a military family moving across the southeast US. She moved to Atlanta in 2013 for work and fell in love with the city and her now husband, Jorge. Audrey has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, an MBA from Kennesaw State University, and now works as a Quality Assurance Engineer for a global communications company. She is an advocate for infertility and pregnancy loss and co-founded and co-hosted the Infertilidad Latina podcast, a "Spanglish" podcast that provides support for the Latinx community. After battling infertility and repeated pregnancy loss for over five years, she is now a new mom of a beautiful rainbow baby boy, Matteo Makai, who was born via Surrogacy in Ukraine. She loves to write and wrote a children's book titled Now Imagine: A story for our rainbow baby to cope during the difficult time. She journals about her journey to motherhood on her page @travelingtobaby. She is a world traveler, loves culture, and languages. She speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Italian) and hopes to master Ukrainian someday. She lives by the quote, "If there is a will, there is a way."


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