Books for Rainbow Mamas

What is a Rainbow Baby?

It is said that a baby born after a miscarriage or stillbirth is a rainbow baby. Because after the storm comes the rainbow. So many loss-mamas grow to fall in love with all things rainbow to honor and remember their baby and also to find hope in their future child. It is common for loss-mamas like myself to have “faith purchases,” often with this symbol of hope.

Books for Rainbow Mamas
Photograph by Lynn Puzzo Photography of Matteo Makai, Audrey’s Rainbow Baby

Are you a Rainbow Mama in a hunt for faith purchases or trying to expand your baby book collection? Or are you a friend or family trying to get a gift for a loved one expecting a rainbow babe? Then this list may come in handy!

  1. Chickens Lay Eggs…Don’t They???
Go along with Lady and Rooster as they take on the journey of trying to lay an egg. Throughout their quest of having a baby, the couple receives assistance from various farm animals. Will their efforts be successful?

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” It was time this old nursery rhyme got an update. Struggling with infertility opened Jaimie’s eyes to another world where families were made in many ways.

3. Little Dream

The perfect story to tell a longed-for baby when he or she arrives, to express how very much loved and longed-for they have always been.

4. More Than All the Stars

Boasting beautiful illustrations, More Than All The Stars is a children’s book that helps explain IVF to little minds. In this magical story, you will follow baby bunny on a journey as they discover the IVF process and how they came to be. Using child-friendly illustrations and explanations, children will gain an understanding of how different families are built and will finish the book feeling valued and fought for.

5. Now Imagine: A Story for Our Rainbow Baby 

This book is a story written for their author’s rainbow baby. They wrote it as they awaited the arrival of their son, Matteo Makai. Their journey to get him includes a surrogacy journey in Ukraine. The story tries to show how much he is loved and wanted by illustrating some of the difficulties faced to get him through a comparison of a tricky experience of getting his much-wanted ice cream.

  1. Rainbow Letters: A Book for Rainbow Babies

“You are a rainbow baby, the calm after the storm, the sun after cloudy days, one less reason to mourn.”

A guardian angel sibling sends a well-wishing message to the newest addition to their family. But how is it delivered?

Filled with whimsical illustrations and a touch of magic, Rainbow Letters celebrates rainbow babies―children born after pregnancy or infant loss―while capturing the beauty of life and beyond.

  1. To the Moon and Back

A perfect gift for any parent who has struggled to have a baby, Million Dollar Listing star Emilia Bechrakis Serhant’s debut picture book poignantly explores her difficulty conceiving and her life-changing experiences with IVF.

  1. Whirwinds to Rainbow

A triumphant tale of resolve and hope. This book is an uplifting story that sheds light on the sometimes long and difficult road to creating a family. Written through an eternally grateful father’s eyes, Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us, celebrates the women who have fought or continue to fight the storms of infertility, pregnancy loss, and pregnancy struggles.

  1. Wish

As an elephant couple embarks on their life together, thoughts of children are far away — at first. But as the desire for a child grows, so do unexpected challenges. And it’s only after thwarted plans and bitter disappointment that their deepest wish miraculously comes true. This “deceptively simple” story celebrates the profound joy of becoming a parent.

  1. You Were Worth the Wait

The authors wanted nothing more than to have a child, but becoming pregnant took longer than they expected.

Do you have any books about Rainbow Mamas? Help us grow our list in the comments below.

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Audrey Quinones
Originally from Puerto Rico, Audrey grew up in a military family moving across the southeast US. She moved to Atlanta in 2013 for work and fell in love with the city and her now husband, Jorge. Audrey has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, an MBA from Kennesaw State University, and now works as a Quality Assurance Engineer for a global communications company. She is an advocate for infertility and pregnancy loss and co-founded and co-hosted the Infertilidad Latina podcast, a "Spanglish" podcast that provides support for the Latinx community. After battling infertility and repeated pregnancy loss for over five years, she is now a new mom of a beautiful rainbow baby boy, Matteo Makai, who was born via Surrogacy in Ukraine. She loves to write and wrote a children's book titled Now Imagine: A story for our rainbow baby to cope during the difficult time. She journals about her journey to motherhood on her page @travelingtobaby. She is a world traveler, loves culture, and languages. She speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Italian) and hopes to master Ukrainian someday. She lives by the quote, "If there is a will, there is a way."