10 Ways to Announce Your Rainbow Baby

Celebrate your rainbow baby in the most precious way. Getting pregnant after having a miscarriage is a special moment and it deserves an extra special announcement. To give you some numbers and put this into perspective, 1 in 4 women suffer from a miscarriage so there are a lot of rainbow babies out there in the world. 

10 Ways to Announce Your Rainbow BabyIf you are pregnant with your rainbow baby then I am sending you so much love and the most colorful hug. Here are 10 ways to share this exciting news with the world. 

OPTIONAL: Display the ultrasound pictures with all of these scenarios.

  1. RAINBOW BALLOONS: You can use a balloon to remember the baby that you lost and then display a bunch of rainbow balloons to showcase your pregnancy.
  2. COLORFUL MAXI DRESS: Do we need a reason to buy another maxi dress? Yes, please. A bright dress adds a personal touch and is something you can keep and reuse in future photos as desired.
  3. RAINBOW FRUIT TRAY SHAPED LIKE A RAINBOW: This is a great thing to do if you are having friends and family over to announce in person. Create a colorful rainbow out of fruits (or veggies) and leave other hints throughout. Make them guess what could be your NEWS. You can have prizes for the correct guess to help motivate involvement.
  4. FUNFETTI CAKE FILLED WITH RAINBOW SPRINKLES IN THE CENTER: This is another great crowd pleaser in case you are hosting a party and want to announce it after cutting the cake. If it’s someone’s birthday then even better! Celebrate their birthday by cutting a funfetti cake (who doesn’t love funfetti) and celebrate your big news as well.
  5. COLORFUL CONFETTI: Confetti is super colorful and adds a subtle rainbow to your announcement.
  6. RAINBOW PAINTED ON BELLY OR TSHIRT: This would be great to do if you have other kids in the mix. You can use their handprints on your belly. If you want to do a keepsake with it then have them leave their handprints on a t-shirt and keep it somewhere safe as a keepsake.
  7. COLORFUL SMOKE BOMBS: This has grown in popularity over the years and creates the prettiest photos. The rainbow colors in the background of you and your spouse (and other kids if applicable) dressed in all white will make the perfect holiday card if you are announcing your pregnancy during the holidays.10 Ways to Announce Your Rainbow Baby
  8. PHOTOSHOP A RAINBOW IN A PICTURE: If you are experienced in photoshop then you can add a rainbow into a photo of your choice or take the easy way out like I would and buy a template similar to this one from Etsy.
  9. COLORFUL FLORAL DISPLAY: Who doesn’t love flowers? This is another simple yet beautiful way of announcing your rainbow pregnancy. Add in an ultrasound picture, maybe some needles if you are an IVF mom like myself, and some baby shoes and it creates the perfect photo to announce your rainbow pregnancy.
  10. CHALK ART: This is perfect to use if you already have children. Get them involved by letting them create the rainbow. Add in their due date and whatever else you would like to share. You can also get the kids involved and have them lie down next to the rainbow.

Are you 1 in 4? Will you or would you have used any of these ways to announce your rainbow baby? Let me know by commenting below.