Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues
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The Christmas lights have been rolled up, the tree has been de-twinkled. Elves on shelves are put away, the bells have all been jingled. 

A long winter nap has come upon us and after the sparkle of the Holidays, it’s a little dreary these next few months. I have a hard time with the winter blues beginning in November. I’ve noticed that by February my husband and I both struggle with the winter blues.

It’s easy to get into a slump during the cold dark season. Here are a few ways we plan to combat those overwhelming feelings and winter blues.

  1. Take a trip – Getting out of town whether it’s simply to a nearby city or a trip to somewhere warmer can dice up the monotony of the winter blues. 
  2. Tackle your to-be-read list – I have a few series on my to-be-read list and what better time than to cuddle up and knock out one book at a time?
  3. Clean out indoor spaces together – Knock out your spring cleaning list in the winter so that by the time the flowers bloom you are ready to bask in the sun instead of having to clean out your basement/garage.
  4. Visit museums/zoos/aquariums – Visit one of Atlanta’s museums or animal experiences. The zoo isn’t as busy in the wintertime. I enjoy picking a Saturday evening in the winter a couple of hours before closing. The crowds are lower and it’s a nice stroll through the exhibits. 
  5. Visit an indoor pool/waterpark – Great Wolf Lodge is a day trip away or you can plan to stay a couple of nights. You could also find a hotel with an indoor pool and plan a staycation with your family. Water always brings me peace in the winter.
  6. Journal – January always means a fresh start. Grab a new journal, and some fancy pens and write out your feelings. 
  7. Try a new hobby – If you’ve always wanted to sew, cross-stitch, paint, etc. try a few YouTube tutorials or find a class in your area. 
  8. Try a new workout routine/visit a workout studio or gym – January is the perfect time to try out a new workout routine. Get your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing to beat those winter blues. 
  9. Get outside for a chilly hike – Embrace the cold and plan a chilly hike with your family. We’re lucky that it doesn’t always stay too cold and dreary here in Atlanta. One of our “fake spring” days is the perfect time to scope out a new hike! 

How do you beat the winter blues? Let us know! 

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Kelly VanBeek
Kelly is a metro-Atlanta native, self proclaimed free spirit and stay-at-home-mom to a mischievous 5-year-old and spirited 8-year-old. When she is not chasing her kiddos through Walt Disney World, you can find her running on a trail, scoping out local markets, cheering on the Atlanta Braves and Georgia Tech football, reading romance novels, writing poetry, listening to Taylor Swift and sipping iced coffee. She lives with her husband of 13 years, her two daughters, and their Boxer-mix named Captain Jack.