Don’t Wait for Spring, 5 Tips for Winter Cleaning

With a new year comes that fresh “new” start feeling. Why not start with your home? It’s the perfect time to declutter, get organized, and put systems in place so that this unpredictable world can feel a little less crazy. Especially after we all were unexpectedly stuck at home, it became so apparent how much we really need to love on the walls that give us warmth and shelter. So don’t wait until March or April! Let’s do this!

Don't Wait for Spring, Winter Cleaning is Where It's At!

I’ve got a few winter cleaning tips for you and I hope you’ll find them helpful.

1. Challenge yourself.

Every year Emily Ley does a “simplified” challenge to start the new year. It’s 30 straight days of organizing and simplifying your home so you’re able to start with a fresh slate. I always watch via Instagram but this year my sister and I decided that we will do it together. Want to join us? Here’s the challenge. All you have to do is get caught up and jump right in.

2. Make lists for winter cleaning!

I love a good list! It feels so much more satisfying when you can do something AND put a checkmark next to it. I’m pushing myself to make two lists this year. A deep cleaning list that will only include tasks that need to be done irregularly and an in-depth list that will include every single task that needs to be done around the house to keep it clean (kind of like a fly lady method). Whether digital or printed having this list will make me feel like all my hard work won’t go to waste because I will be taking small steps to keep up with ALL the things.

3. Get the kids involved, especially in their favorite spaces.

A great way to take a bite out of getting the house cleaned and organized is to get the kids involved. Even if you’re just giving the smallest ones a rag with some soap and water, they love to help out! I always try to pick a task I can leave them with and come back to finish up later. Remember, when the kids get involved it will take longer and it won’t be perfect, but we’re building character and good humans.

4. Get a professional deep clean.

This is something I dream of doing and if you can I’m totally living vicariously through you. Imagine a wonderful professional cleaning service leaving your house sparkling and all you have to do is keep up with it? Okay, it’s obviously not that simple, but getting a little professional help starts you off on the right foot and takes a little bit of the elbow grease out of keeping up with everything. Maybe it’s even something you can make a quarterly expense?

5. Don’t kill yourself!

All of these tips are here to make things easier for you. The best way to get control of everything is a little bit at a time. Now is the time to put all of these little things to work for you so that this year you’re ready to go and so is your home!

I hope you are able to tackle winter cleaning your home this year with a new approach! Before you head to Target to grab your cleaning and organizing supplies, don’t forget to add candles and wine to your list! When the kids go down for bed and you have all worked so hard to clean the house, enjoy your wine and candle-lit home, mama. You got this!

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