Back-to-School Sales Just for Mom

Back-to-School Sales Just for MomWhen I was a kid, my favorite “happy mail” happened two times a year. One was when the Toys ‘R Us Wish Book would arrive in November and the other was when the Wal-Mart and K-Mart Back-to-School sales flyers. 

Now, as a mom, I love receiving notifications about my go-to stores’ new weekly ads. This is the first year my daughters have school lists, so I’ve been browsing ads and making shopping lists for them. One thing I’m learning from deal hunting is that there are so many deals and items that are perfect for moms too. Here are some items worth taking a look at when going through back-to-school sales just for moms.

Linens & Towels

What is it about having kids that your linen closet always looks sad? Or is it just me? Many stores are promoting their college sales which means that towels, bedsheets, and pillows are all on sale.

I’ve recently found sets of pillows for 20-60% off online. I’ve found some new towels in the store that I love, too. While these aren’t the most exciting purchases, I really do enjoy seeing those savings on my receipt when I check out.


What is the unofficial outfit for most moms? Athleisure, and it’s on sale this month! From shoes to leggings, you’ll find name brands and store favorites on sale. 

I’m in need of some new shoes and is there such a thing as “too many” leggings? 

Side note: I recently heard a podcast episode about how as moms our bodies go through so many changes and we oftentimes hold on to our old clothes for that “one day” when we fit back into them. While it’s not terrible to hold on to those clothes, be sure to love your body and dress for its shape now. If one day you fit into your old jeans, that’s great! If one day you find yourself in need of donating them because you’ll never be able to fit into them again, that’s okay, too. Treat yourself to a new outfit this season.

Command Center & Office Items

I recently moved and I’m working on a new office area, so I’m in need of a small upgrade to my desk supplies. While I work from home part-time and manage a household full-time, organization is key to keeping my sanity (like any other mom). I’ve found some new desk trays and bins that are perfect for my needs and paper items that are great for jotting down grocery lists and setting up reminders for the family. 

Small Kitchen Appliances

While I’m really eyeing the 6-can mini retro beverage refrigerator in the college section of the weekly ad, I can’t justify that purchase. What I can justify is investing in a new blender after my single-serving one finally gave out after nearly 10 years. 

If you’re looking for a new coffee maker or toaster, this is a perfect time to snag one. 

Bonus: If you need kitchen accessories there are plenty of deals on them, too.

There’s a certain excitement at the end of summer when it’s time to send kids back to school and begin a new season. You may also find this time of year of new routines to cause some extra stress or anxiety. Either way, be sure to take a minute to add an item or two to your shopping list this month just for yourself – you deserve it. 

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