Back-to-School Clothes: Where to Score the Best Deals

I love this time of year! Everything about back to school is exciting for my two kids. We especially love getting new back-to-school clothes. And with my kids both hitting growth spurts, I am glad for sales.

Back-to-School Clothes: Where to Score the Best DealsI shop mostly in-store because my kids are growing so fast and need to try on to make sure we get a good fit. Even though we are still dealing with COVID, most stores have dressing rooms that are open so we can try them on.

Even if you prefer to shop in-store, don’t forget to check out your favorite store’s online deals. Sometimes, I can find better deals online so I have my children try on the items in-store for accurate sizes, then I order the items online for a bigger discount.

Here are some of my favorite stores to get back-to-school clothes deals:  

  • Kid To Kid: Throughout the year I earn store credit by taking in my kids’ gently used clothes. The staff is always helpful and I have found amazing deals on name-brand clothing. Consignment stores are my first stop in saving money on clothes.
  • Wal-Mart: My son loves how soft their pants and shorts are and I love the prices. He is growing fast and I found I can easily afford their brands. I like that they have different sizes that fit him as he grows.
  • Target: I use their app and have accrued Target Circle earnings which are great to cash in right now for clothes and school supplies. My kids love their Cat and Jack clothing line. Especially clothes without tags.
  • Kohl’s: I love my Kohl’s cash! It’s a great time to use the cash and catch their back-to-school sales.
  • Old Navy, The Children’s Place, and JC Penney: These stores are great if you have kids who have to be in dress code or uniforms. They have a wide range of colors and styles too. Try shopping at a location that isn’t in your general area so you are sure to get the colors you need for your school.

I don’t buy their whole wardrobe for the year. I let them pick out a new outfit and accessories for their first day. Then I go through their closets and purge. I have them try on their existing clothes to see what still fits. What doesn’t fit and is in good condition I take to my favorite consignment store for in-store credit. 

Back-to-School Clothes: Where to Score the Best Deals

Purging helps me see what sizes I need to get and exactly what type of clothes they need. My daughter needed more t-shirts while my son needed some shorts, pants, and light-weight hoodies. I usually shop for warmer clothes as temps cool down here in Georgia. Because we start school in the summer, I know they need cool and comfy clothes at least for two months until October. I’ve learned in Georgia with constant temperature changes I dress the kids in layers because some classrooms get chilly.

I’m so excited for this school year to start. I found some great deals and I know my kids are going to be looking good for the new school year.

Let us know where you find the best back-to-school clothing deals for your kids. What are some of your tips on getting the best deal?

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