Atlanta Area Bike Paths for Beginner Riders

Atlanta Area Bike Paths for Beginner RidersLearning to ride a bike is a quintessential rite of passage. It’s exciting, nerve-racking (for mom), and so, so fun! Whether you live on a busy street, a giant hill (like me), or just need a change of scenery and a long flat stretch for your early rider, here are a few nearby parks with bike paths that are perfect for beginners.

Atlanta Area Bike Paths and Trails for Early Riders

As your kiddos get older and master the skill, it’s tons of fun to bike along the Beltline in Atlanta or the long, flat Silver Comet Trail. But if you’re just starting out, you may consider something a little lower key. People tend to move quickly on these trails, and if your kid is still starting and stopping frequently, it might feel a little intimidating. We recently taught our two littles to ride (my three-year-old is obsessed) – here are a few of our favorite places to go.

Dupree Park | 513 Neese Rd, Woodstock

Dupree Park is far and away my kids’ favorite place to go biking! It has a mostly flat paved track that is about a third of a mile around. We’ve spent hours at this park learning to ride bikes, and my kids ask to go here almost every weekend. Bonus: there’s a nearby playground when you need a break.

Logan Farm Park | 4405 Cherokee St, Acworth

Much like Dupree Park, Logan Farm has a paved one-third-mile track that’s perfect for beginning bikers. There are a few gentle slopes that make it a great spot for a kid on a balance bike. Pro tip from a parent who’s been there: the huge playground adjacent to the trail has a strong pull! If your kiddo is a little less motivated, park away from the playground and bike toward it as a fun reward.

Swift-Cantrell Park | 3140 Old 41 Highway, Kennesaw

The paved trails at Swift-Cantrell Park have a choose-your-own-adventure quality. There are outside and inside loops that you can alternate between to forge your own path. There are some slightly bigger ups and downs at this park, so it’s great for kiddos who love to feel the wind in their hair (through their helmet!) as they pick up a little extra speed. Swift-Cantrell also has a fantastic inclusive playground, a skatepark, and a splash pad during the summer.

The Noonday Creek Trail | 150 Dupree Road, Woodstock

There are two unconnected Noonday Creek Trails north of Atlanta right now. If you have a beginning biker, check out the one in Woodstock. You can park at Woofstock Dog Park, head down a cute little wooden bridge, and enjoy about a mile of a flat paved trail that’s surrounded by trees (this one’s an out and back). As your biker gains a little confidence and wants to go for a slightly longer (or at least less circular) ride, this is a great option!

Most of these trails can get busy with walkers first thing in the morning. If you can wait until later in the day, you may have a little more space. If not, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach your kiddo all about bike etiquette!

What are your favorite local trails to ride?


Atlanta Area Bike Paths for Beginner Riders