Say Goodbye to Plastic (Or At Least Some of It!)

Say Goodbye to Plastic (Or At Least Some of It!)

This year our family decided to try to reduce our carbon footprint. What can I say? Leonardo DiCaprio and his documentary really got to me! Among things like going vegetarian and monitoring our household electricity use, we also had to take a serious look at our plastic consumption.

After realizing how much plastic we used on a daily basis, I needed a vacation, which of course made me think of the beach. Then, I got sad all over again because 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. While I’m curling my toes in the sand, reading my kindle, and making sure the kids don’t drown, microplastics are destroying the ocean. Depressing, I know! 

Some of the most commonly found plastic products in the ocean are single-use bags, food wrappers, cups and plates, straws, bottle caps, and beverage bottles. I realized pretty quickly it’s not possible to eliminate all plastic since many of the things I buy at the grocery store are packaged in plastic. So, I focused on what I could change, and here are a few of my favorite plastic-free products, which can all be found on Amazon:

I know it’s a lot to ask to give up your favorite shampoo, and maybe corn-starch floss freaks you out, but even swapping out one of the plastic products you use on a daily basis could make a difference. If you don’t want to do it for the planet, at least do it for Leo! 

Share your plastic-free ideas in the comments below!


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