Jamie is originally from New Orleans, but has lived in Georgia now for 27 years, but frequently visits the Big Easy to visit family. She grew up in Gwinnett county and now she currently lives there with her 3 beautiful boys: Caden (5), Brooks and Hudson (2-year-old twins). She met her husband, Kurt, while obtaining her master’s degree in education at Columbus State University. Jamie taught high school Special education, biology, and math for 9 years in Gwinnett County as well as coached varsity volleyball throughout her teaching career. After finding out she was having twins in 2015, she decided that she was going to stay at home with her boys, who definitely keep her busy. Transitioning from a full-time job to staying at home has given her a perspective of moms in both positions . She is also a local ambassador for Street Grace, an organization that strives to help end Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking around the Atlanta area. Her passions include church, running, playing sports, crafting, healthy living, and of course family!
hy Kids Should Set New Years Resolutions Too

Why Kids Should Set New Years Resolutions Too

January, how I love January. There's something about the new year that just motivates me to live healthier, read more, become more generous or patient, or finish a project I started months ago. It...

This Is Three! Three Big Transitions For 3-Year-Old Twins

Three is such a big transitional age. I have twins and as they approached the BIG 3, I began to think on how much has changed from last year. We've transitioned to big boy...

Summer Bucket List Ideas

June is here and that means... summer might come to an end quicker than you realize. Have you accomplished everything on your summer bucket list? Or maybe you've thought,"it's only June?!" You've totally run...

Replacing Mom Guilt With Grace.

I am guilty. Guilty of being the mom who drowns herself in the mom guilt pool. Mom guilt is the worst and it's so hard to not feel guilty about practically everything these days. ...

Project S.A.V.E. – Making Georgia Communities Heart Healthy in 2018

Since February is American Heart Month, tell our readers about a great program available in Georgia called Project S.A.V.E. This post is also dedicated to a dear friend who suffers from a medical heart condition.  A...
It's 2018! Are You A Remarkable New You? :Atlanta Area Moms Blog:

It’s 2018! Are You A Remarkable New You?

I love the new year. It brings a sense of newness to life and a chance to restart a worn out battery. It brings out self-challenges and forces you to explore your past experiences...

Things Having Twins Has Taught Me

My twins are two-and-a-half and have already taught me many great lessons. Before my beautiful twins came along, I had one child, and my perceptions of mothering were quite different back then compared to...
Gratitude. |||: Atlanta Area Moms Blog :|||

An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude, thankfulness, grateful. These are words that come to mind as Thanksgiving nears. Naturally, I think of myself as a grateful person, but after the latest tragedies that have struck our nation (hurricanes, and...

Potty Training Twin Boys with Success and Not Stress

Potty training boys is...messy. It's constantly wiping pee off of toys, books, walls, hands, the other twin, etc. and doing ridiculous potty dances (x2). Then it hits you one day that you are more...

Play Nice, Parents. Words From A Former Coach to Parents

School is back in session, which means fall sports are gearing up too. As we begin hitting the ball fields, racing to practices, and doing those oh so dreaded fundraisers, let's remember to play...