Summer Bucket List Ideas

June is here and that means… summer might come to an end quicker than you realize. Have you accomplished everything on your summer bucket list? Or maybe you’ve thought,”it’s only June?!” You’ve totally run out of ideas to keep your kiddos engaged and instead they are following you around the house saying, “I am bored.” If that’s the case, start a summer bucket list and get to it while there is still time. And if you need help getting inspired, I thought I’d share some of my ideas to help keep those summer vibes happy and exciting (although I’ll warn you some of my bucket list items are NOT going to make the kids happy). If you’ve already done some of these, it’s OK to have a repeat!

  • Visit the local library and check out their summer activities page. Most libraries offer summer activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and younger school-aged children.
  • Plan a weekend camping. Yes! Do it! Georgia has some amazing campgrounds. You can camp on nearby lakes (we love Lanier and Hartwell), mountains, or rivers. And if tents aren’t your thing, a lot of campgrounds now actually offer yurts for your convenience. Tallulah Gorge is another favorite spot of my family, they offer many camping options and have a lot of outdoor things to explore.
  • Make breakfast or lunch dates with grandparents, relatives, or friends. Summer is a great time to grab lunch with people you don’t get to see enough during the busy school year.
  • Plan a cookout with friends. Make it slip’n’slide party with water guns and water balloons. Have your kids help you plan it. They’ll be excited to talk about who to invite and what outdoor games they can play with their friends.
  • Visit the Wild Animal Safari (the kids will love this) and Calloway Gardens. It’s right outside of Atlanta and if you’ve never been to Calloway, it’s a Georgia gem. Bring the bikes and bathing suits because you can ride all through the gardens on the paved trails and they have a nice little beach area.
  • Spend a day checking off items on the “honey do” list. Your kids aren’t going to like this one, but it’s OK to put them to work, after all, you do a lot to make their summers fun so don’t feel bad making them help you with some yard work or painting some rooms that are in desperate need of paint. Get them to help you clean out the playroom toys and organize rooms that have been neglected for months. So tell your kids before they pick up their electronics, that today will be a workday.
  • Visit Six Flags, the nearest water park, Legoland, the skating rink, trampoline park, etc. For me and my family, stuff like that never disappoints! It adds up especially when you have 2 or more kids, so just pick a couple of your family’s favorites. Here’s an even better idea…let the kids choose the one place they’d love to visit and make them work toward earning that outing. So those “work days” that were suggested above now have an incentive behind them.
  • Finish that book you started in February or that scrapbook you’ve been meaning to get around to or try out new recipes you can’t seem to find to make during the school year. I know, what about the kids? Those toddlers aren’t going to let you get much done, so do what you can while they nap or after they go to sleep. For the older kids, get them involved in your projects or have them set aside reading time while you read. Summer nights are typically more free than those busy school nights that are all to often filled with ball games and extracurricular activities. So on your bucket list, keep Mom in mind too!
  • Start a family tradition. Why do we always feel like family traditions are only limited to holidays like Christmas? Summer is a great time to start traditions, like making every Monday family game night or Tuesday pizza/pool day. The kids will look forward to ordinary weekdays when the family time is planned out weekly.

There you have it. A few ideas to help you keep you and the kids engaged for the rest of the summer. What’s on your “bucket list”? 

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Jamie is originally from New Orleans, but has lived in Georgia now for 27 years, but frequently visits the Big Easy to visit family. She grew up in Gwinnett county and now she currently lives there with her 3 beautiful boys: Caden (5), Brooks and Hudson (2-year-old twins). She met her husband, Kurt, while obtaining her master’s degree in education at Columbus State University. Jamie taught high school Special education, biology, and math for 9 years in Gwinnett County as well as coached varsity volleyball throughout her teaching career. After finding out she was having twins in 2015, she decided that she was going to stay at home with her boys, who definitely keep her busy. Transitioning from a full-time job to staying at home has given her a perspective of moms in both positions . She is also a local ambassador for Street Grace, an organization that strives to help end Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking around the Atlanta area. Her passions include church, running, playing sports, crafting, healthy living, and of course family!