Alison is a Florida transplant who came to Atlanta just in time for the '96 Olympics. She married her husband Travis that same year and is the proud mama of daughter Carolyn, 22, and son Emory, 20. She is a self-employed web and graphic designer, rooster art collector, and squirrel enthusiast. She enjoys blogging, watching her kids follow their dreams, and spending as much time as possible on her back deck.
Old-Fashioned Thank You | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Dear Nana; How to Say Thank You the Old-Fashioned Way

I was browsing around some of the other City Blogs when I stumbled across a post about thank you notes. The writer was describing her horrifying discovery of finding the notes she had written...
Holidays with Teens; How to find Magic

Holidays with Teens; How to Find the Magic Again

My family celebrates Christmas, and when my kids were little, my husband and I experienced it entirely through their eyes.  The joy they found in the traditions, the food, the music, and the wonder...
Weak Stomach - Parenting Woes

Is it Bad if I’m Bleeding; Or, How to Parent on a Weak Stomach

When I was anticipating becoming a mom, I assumed that some of my natural responses to the smell/sight of poop, pee, snot and other bodily fluids would disappear.  "It doesn't bother you with your...

When Your Kid Isn’t Special: Or, How to Embrace a Duck Butt

  My son made this picture when he was in 5th grade.  It may have been for one of those fundraisers where your baby creates a masterpiece and then you have to buy it from...
Flaming Cabbage

Flaming Cabbage: Or, How to Be Like Betty C.

One of my latest fixations has been my vintage copy of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book, circa 1950. My love of it has absolutely nothing to do with cooking because I hate to cook. ...
Mommy Time Out

The Year of Me: Or, How to Take a Mommy Time Out

Picture it:  Atlanta.  December 31, 2015.  I am sitting on a couch with some friends, declaring to them that 2016 will be the Year of Me.  I pledge to them with passionate resolve that...
Nurture in Nature

Nurturing in Nature – Or, Trapping Teens in the Wild

When you have little kids and you want to spend time with them, all you have to do is:  1) Go to the bathroom; 2) Lay down for a nap; or 3) Get in the...