Unique Date Nights: How To Enjoy Atlanta Together

It’s slowly getting colder outside, so what better time to warm up your love life?  If you and your partner are in a date-night rut, I have a few ideas to freshen it up.  Atlanta has so many fun, unique ways to spend quality time together – here are my top ten:

Unique Atlanta Date Night IdeasUnique Atlanta Date Nights: 

Jeju Spa – Leave your inhibitions at the door and take part in one of their many saunas or gather up your courage for an authentic Korean Demadi.

Red Phone Booth – This is a secret speakeasy downtown.  To gain admittance, you must enter – you guessed it – a red phone booth and provide a code (surrounding businesses usually have it, especially hotels).  From there you will              experience a cigar bar and vintage drinks with bartenders dressed for the time period.

Food Adventures – Venture out for something completely different, such as chowing down in a train car  or eating on pillows among belly dancers.

Axe throwing – Take the old battle axe to Bad Axe Throwing and fling all your frustrations towards a target (and not your significant other!)

Grocery on Home – Listen to music at this small, unique venue located in a residential neighborhood.  Reservations can only be made via Facebook.

Atlanta Food Walks – Sample amazing food and walk off those calories as you visit several locations and hear stories about our city and the people that make it special.

Mudfire – Think “Ghost.” Learn how to make your own pot that you can use to leave love notes to each other.

The Painted Duck – Game time! Tuck in to a delicious meal while playing air hockey, shuffleboard, bowling, horseshoes, and more!

Ride a helicopter – Get “high” with your loved one and enjoy an 8-10 minute ride with a veteran pilot in a historic aircraft, located at the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and Flying Museum.

Have you tried any of these places?  What’s your favorite Date Night?  Comment below!

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Alison is a Florida transplant who came to Atlanta just in time for the '96 Olympics. She married her husband Travis that same year and is the proud mama of daughter Carolyn, 24, and son Emory, 21. She is a middle school teacher, with a side hustle as a graphic designer, and is an avid rooster enthusiast. She enjoys blogging, watching her kids follow their dreams, and spending as much time as possible on her back deck.


  1. I love axe throwing! Our go-cart place has axe throwing as well so we get two dates in one. Definitely my favorite.

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