A Park for Everyone in Cherokee County


kidsatparkGoing to the park has been a staple activity since my kids were babies. From stroller days to preschool playdates to hiking and biking as a family, we’ve explored much of what Cherokee County has to offer. Over the past 11 years, we’ve found that Cherokee county really has a park for everyone!

Parks in Cherokee County Georgia

In my early days as a mom, Brown Park in downtown Canton was like a home away from home. It’s relatively small but has excellent shade, a fun playground (especially for toddler/preschool aged kiddos), a decent sized lawn area for running around, and a sidewalk loop perfect for riding toys. It’s within walking distance to some great lunch spots in Canton (R&M Sandwich Shop and Goin’ Coastal are our favorites) and is perfect for a midday park trip.

Etowah River Park is a fairly recent addition to Canton and a great one. It’s down the street from R.T. Jones Library, so it’s a great place to go after picking up books or attending story time. It has a great playground, with some cool climbing equipment. There is a nice walking path with a bridge over the Etowah River. It also has a picnic pavilion and restrooms!

Rope Mill Park is well known among mountain bikers, but it’s also a great place for a family bike ride or hike. Trails border either side of Little River. On one side is a paved trail, perfect for bikes or strollers (with lots of space to walk down to the water). On the other side is a hiking trail that goes past the remnants of the old Rope Mill. There are also picnic tables and a pavilion. Additionally, you can put in your canoe or kayak here and paddle down Little River to Lake Allatoona. 

Dupree Park is located in Woodstock just outside of downtown. It has a fantastic playground with a little kid area, a big kid area, and a cool climbing wall. There’s a picnic pavilion next to the pond where kids can feed the ducks. There are also 3 beginner mountain bike trails, wooded walking path, paved ⅓ mile walking trail, and basketball courts! This is probably our current favorite park because it has something for everyone. My 6-year-old son still loves a good playground, my 8-year-old daughter digs the climbing wall, and my tween daughter even likes to walk the trail with her friends. I call that a win!

There are tons more great parks in Cherokee County! What are some of your favorites?



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