Toddler-Friendly Parks: Discovering Gwinnett’s Hidden Gem

Daily outdoor play is an absolute must for our very active toddler. And because we’re always up for an adventure, this summer we’re seeking out the best toddler-friendly parks and playgrounds Gwinnett County has to offer.

When it comes to “kid tested, mom approved” parks, Gwinnett County’s definitely got it going on.

Our fun-filled park adventures include the Tribble Mill playground, stroller jogging at Alexander Park, swimming at Lenora Park Pool, tricycling at Harbins, strolling the Sims Lake loop, and cooling off on hot days at the Town Center Park splash pad. 

While our mainstays keep us coming back all summer long, sometimes we’re in the mood for a little park-seeking mischief now and then.

Because who knows? You just might stumble upon that diamond in the rough.

Here’s our current top summer pick for Gwinnett’s best off-the-beaten-path-totally-hush-hush-hidden-gem-of-a-park both Mama and tot are sure to love. (And you won’t even notice that it’s playgroundless).

And the winner is…

Vines Park

Vines Park

3500 Oak Grove Rd. Loganville, GA 30052

Why We Love It:

  • Total Hidden Gem. Vines Park has it all—stunning botanical gardens, peaceful walking trails, beautiful sculptures, and so much more. It’s a great place for your toddler to experience the sights, sounds and smells in nature. Good pick for picnics, too—you’ll find plenty of shade-covered swings along the lake and picnic tables with easy access to the parking lot. A trip to Vines is always hassle free, never crowded. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!
  • Perfect Path. Not too long, not too short—the half-mile paved loop around the lake is the perfect length for little legs to explore.   
  • Because Trains. Model trains aren’t just fun for the little kids. The Railroad Museum at Vines Park features a Garden Scale model train track, bridge, and village that’s just the right size for the little ones.
  • Animal Adventures. Vines Park is ideal for critter spotting—flutter through the Butterfly Garden, hop over to the frog pond, and skip across the bridge to see giant snapping turtles.

Vines Park Turtles

Wherever home is for you, and whether you’re seeking out the perfect playground or just soaking up a bit of sunshine with your park-loving toddler, parks have something for everyone. And sometimes the best part of the journey is discovering that hidden gem you never knew was right under your nose all along. 


Written with love by our guest contributor Gwen T.