I know we don’t know each other, but if we’re going to be friends, you should know that I love to celebrate… anything! I don’t like reserving birthday cake exclusively for birthday parties, and I think that if you have ice cream, you can add the word “terrific” to “Tuesday” and have an occasion truly worth celebrating.

So, imagine my excitement when I discovered that June 4 is National Cheese Day! I mean, it’s actually a day designated for celebrating a huge, fundamental culinary element in our home. Because you might require a birthday or national holiday to break out the party hats, I’d like to let you in on a few fun ways you can (and my family probably will) indulge in this opportunity.

Make lunch kid’s choice

Like all kids, my three year old has some fantastic quirks (some of which I hope he never grows out of… others that I’d be happy to see go tomorrow). And one of the funnier ones is that he staunchly claims that he doesn’t like cheese. Cheese stick for snack? “No, mommy. I don’t eat cheese.” Ask him about his favorite foods, though, and pizza and quesadillas top the list (in fairness, he calls it “tomato pizza,” not “cheese pizza” – probably because of the tomato sauce? Please no one ruin it for us.).

To celebrate National Cheese Day, I’m taking one decision off my plate and bringing some extra joy to my littles. So many childhood favorites include cheese: Pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas, nachos, heck, even string cheese! There are so many great options, and focusing on one ingredient means you can give your kiddos a menu of (mom-approved) options for them to make the choice!

Get fancy and have an adult-only dinner

With two littles in the house, my husband and I don’t get out often for date-night (and that was even pre-COVID-19). One of my favorite treats, though, is an adult-only dinner after the children are in bed. And for me, nothing says fancy quite like a tray of charcuterie (with a glass of wine, of course – making it through another wild and crazy day is one more reason to celebrate!).

On National Cheese Day, you better believe our charcuterie tray will focus on, yup, you guessed it, cheese! I don’t think there’s a parent out there right now who hasn’t truly earned a little pampering.

Don’t forget about dessert!

As far as I’m concerned, it wouldn’t be a celebration without dessert! And while there are many cheese-themed options to choose from (mmm cream cheese bars), for National Cheese Day, our family is having cheesecake. I’m pretty sure if we top it with berries, we can call it a fruit serving.

With all that’s going on in the world right now, I hope you and your family can take a moment away from everything serious and important and enjoy celebrating something frivolous and fun! If cheese isn’t your jam (I can’t relate, but I’ll try to sympathize), maybe you can get behind National Fudge Day on 16 June. If you look hard enough, there’s always something out there worth celebrating!

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Jill is an adventure-loving, iced coffee-drinking, recovering perfectionist and mom of two. After a number of years and adventures in Washington, D.C., she moved back home to Georgia and settled in Woodstock. Jill lives with her husband, two sweet littles—a thoughtful, loquacious 5-year-old and a fearless 3-year-old ready to take on (over?) the world—and her fur-st born hound, Apollo. Jill is a part-time photographer, writer, digital marketer, and a full-time mom (aren’t we all?).