A Weekend in the City, All Alone!

At least once or twice a year, I pack up a bag, use our hotel points, and drive thirty minutes into the city for the weekend- ALL ALONE. I even leave my husband and best friends behind. I check-in to my hotel and fall on the pristine white sheets. While I lie there, I only hear the glorious sound of nothing. 

That evening I walk to a nearby restaurant and get take-out to eat in my room or on the rooftop of my hotel. My nights are spent reading or watching a new series on my laptop until the wee hours of the morning (last time it was Big Little Lies). I sleep and then sleep some more.

On Saturday I’m usually window shopping at Ponce City Market. I have a tradition of picking out unique greeting cards for my best friends at my favorite paper goods store. Sometimes I find a bookstore in order to put my hands on real live books instead of my Kindle.

I eat at restaurants completely alone, and people-watch instead of looking at my phone. I do not need to have a conversation with another human being other than “here is your room key” and “enjoy your meal.” I force myself not to worry about what is happening at home. Why? My husband is amazing and completely capable! He knows I require more “me time” than the average bear.

Is it selfish? Absolutely! However, my own personal happiness depends on occasional alone time. It took me a minute to figure out this was something I needed and not just something I wanted. It also took me a minute to accept that fact and push away any feelings of guilt.

We wear so many hats on a daily basis- wife, mom, daughter, friend, employee, employer, etc. It is equally important to find time for ourselves, a moment to breathe and remind ourselves who we are and what we stand for before the stress of life takes over. 

Maybe the idea of a few days alone isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you don’t have the support system necessary for an entire weekend away. The point is to find something that is completely for you. That could be a day trip to your favorite place, an hour to jog around town (really?!), or just a few minutes to go to the bathroom by yourself.

You may feel guilty at first, but if alone time is something you need, like me, then make it happen! When I come home from my weekend away, I am even more appreciative of the people that greet me at the door. My time alone reminds me of how blessed I am to have a family to come home to. 

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Even though I hail from a small town in South Georgia, I have always been a city girl at heart. Atlanta, specifically Gwinnett County, finally feels like my true home. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for thirteen years, and we have two kids in elementary school. I may be in my mid-thirties (yikes!), but I still feel around twenty-three in my mind (and probably always will). I love my job as a liability defense attorney, and my absolute favorite things in life are spending time with family and friends, live music, reading, writing, bourbon, and traveling. When our kids graduate high school, my husband and I plan to sell all of our worldly possessions and see how long we can live in Ireland before they kick us out!