3 Favorite Parks for Toddlers in Smyrna

Favorite Smyrna Parks for Toddlers

As my son transitioned out of the infant phase and into the wild-child toddler phase, finding some go-to parks became a big priority for me. Everyone is happier if we get to the park at least once a day! Today I’m sharing my 3 favorite parks in Smyrna for toddlers!

Have you visited these parks too? Do you have other favorite parks that should have made the list? If you have anything to add, let me know in the comments!

Cobb Park

950 Powder Springs St., Smyrna, GA 30080

Cobb Park, toddler-friendly playground

Cobb Park, the large park across from Campbell High School, is my current #1 favorite park with my toddler. It has multiple playsets, a baseball field, picnic tables, pavilions, and bathrooms.

Why we love Cobb Park:

  • Huge Park. This park is giant. There are multiple separate playsets, including lots of swings (regular and infant), more than 10 slides, and plenty of places to climb. This park can keep my kid busy for HOURS. It’s also big enough that even though it’s popular, it doesn’t feel overcrowded.
  • Ramp Access. The first playset has a ramp, making it more easily accessible for everyone from toddlers to grandparents.
  • Secret Playground. Ok, “secret” might be an exaggeration, but we were visiting this park for 6+ months before I realized there’s another playground on the far side of the baseball field. Plus there are more bathrooms, pavilions, and a creek. It’s lovely, and it’s less crowded than the main park.

Hidden playground area at Cobb Park in Smyrna

  • Accessibility Features. This park has features for special needs kiddos, including the playset with a ramp and accessible swing seats (2 sizes available, for ages 2 to 7).

Several play areas and a baseball field at Cobb Park

Watch out for:

  • Litter. This park seems prone to litter. My toddler is obsessed with trash, so I have to be vigilant.
  • Teenagers. Since the park is across the street from Campbell High School, it’s a popular after-school hangout spot. I’ve never had a problem with any teenagers here, except they make me feel old 😉
  • Yucky Bathroom. The closer bathroom can be dirty, probably because it gets more use. The bathrooms on the far side of the baseball field tend to be cleaner, so take a “field trip” across the baseball field if you can.

Train at the Smyrna Public Library

100 Village Green Circle, Smyrna, Georgia 30080. 

Toddler playing on the Train at the Smyrna Library

This small playground is tucked around the south side of the library, with a train and a couple climbing rocks. Park at the far side of the library parking lot (farthest from the entrance) for easy access.

Why we love the park at the library:

  • Young Toddlers. This park is great for young toddlers. The train playset is low to the ground, so it’s accessible to newly walking toddlers, and it’s not so far to fall.
  • Meeting other moms! This park is small, which makes conversation almost inevitable. I have chatted with the nicest moms here.
  • Covered Area. The playset is covered, which is great on a hot day or a drizzly day.
  • Other Options. Now that my toddler is more mobile, the train doesn’t hold his attention for long. But there’s plenty more to do: we run down the field to the flag poles; visit the fountain in the center of the traffic circle; then head over to the pond to visit the ducks and geese. And of course, you can always go into the library.
  • Rarely Crowded. Whether it’s because it’s small, or because it’s a little hidden, this park is rarely crowded.
  • Photo Ops. I have snagged some of my all-time favorite photos of my son at this park. That blue tunnel is a winner!

Toddler playing at train, field, and fountain at Smyrna Library

Watch out for:

  • Escape Attempts. I really wish this park was fenced in! My son likes to make a break for it and try to get to the road. The good news is that it’s not near the main road, but rather the circle in front of the library. My son hasn’t actually gotten that far yet, but he gets faster every day. I definitely can’t relax at this park.
  • Muddy Hill. Older toddlers and kids love to hop over the low brick wall and climb up the hill. Once your kid sees someone else’s kid do it…monkey see, monkey do!
  • No Swings. Bummer, right?

Taylor-Brawner Park

3180 Atlanta Rd, Smyrna, GA 30080

Playground at Taylor-Brawner Park

Taylor-Brawner Park has a lovely combination of playground, scenery, walking trail, amphitheater, pavilions, and a big grassy field.

Why we love Taylor-Brawner Park:

  • Super clean bathrooms, including a family bathroom. They’re located around the side of Brawner Hall, by the way.
  • Room to Roam. The large field and walking trail are fun for toddlers who need to practice their walking skills. My son especially likes to walk across the field to the fountain. It’s also great for strollers or scoot bikes.
  • Picnic Heaven. The field is a glorious spot for a picnic, especially if it’s Food Truck Tuesday.
  • Brawner Hall. This stately white hall is actually a former mental hospital, built in 1910. (A Smyrna native told me recently that she was terrified of the place growing up!) But now it’s remodeled and listed as a historical landmark. I think it’s pretty, and my son loves to climb the steps and sit in the rocking chairs. Everybody wins.

Toddler playing on swings and field at Taylor-Brawner Park

Watch out for:

  • Soggy Field. That grassy field stays soggy from the in-ground sprinklers, so check before you sit down. There are benches scattered across the park if it’s too soggy.
  • Playground Age Gap. For us, this playground didn’t work well between 12 months and about 20 months. Other than the infant swings, the playground equipment was just too big for my son. There wasn’t really room for a parent to lend a helping hand, either—that’s much easier at Cobb Park or the library. Of course, every kid is different!
  • Crowded. This popular park can get crowded on the playground. There are only 2 playsets and 4 swings, so it doesn’t feel like enough sometimes.

More Parks

Looking for more Smyrna parks? Check out a complete list on the Smyrna City website. And don’t forget to tell me your favorite parks in the comments!


  1. We are having my daughters first birthday at the secret Cobb park in a couple weeks. (Rented pavilion through city of Smyrna for $20 an hour) Thanks for the feedback, even more excited now.

    • Lyndsey, that sounds like a perfect spot for a birthday party! The first time I found that part of the park, I immediately though about using it for my son’s 2nd birthday in Sept. And thanks for joining me in calling it the secret park 😉

  2. I love traveling to take my kids to different parks although my kids aren’t toddlers anymore. But this comes in handy because a year from now I will have one!

    • Thanks Ashley! I think he’s the cutest 😉 I had literally hundreds of park pictures to choose from for this post, we are there SO. MUCH.

      • You are so right about the photo in the tunnel! That is definitely one that needs to be enlarged and framed! He’s gorgeous!

  3. I grew up in Smyrna and very partial to the town! Love your post Emily, and we do miss you at work but so happy for you!


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