Emily Hassman is a mama & artist living in a funny little ‘50s ranch in Smyrna. Her wild child Julian was born in 2014—he’s been keeping Emily and her husband Scott on their toes ever since! Emily left her career in IT after a long year as a working mom. Now she is pursuing her dream of working as an artist and maker. She is fueled by big dreams, lots of coffee, and getting outside every day. Find her on her blog Boolean (rhymes with Julian!), on Etsy, and on Instagram as @emily_hassman.

3 Favorite Parks for Toddlers in Smyrna

As my son transitioned out of the infant phase and into the wild-child toddler phase, finding some go-to parks became a big priority for me. Everyone is happier if we get to the park...

I Don’t Feel Like a Mom

Before I became a mom, I read a lot of mom blogs. I loved the ones who just posted about day-to-day life. I would dive back through archives, trying to piece together some idea...
Indoor Activities for Stir Crazy Toddlers | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Indoor Activities for Stir Crazy Toddlers

Cold rainy days stuck inside got you feeling stir crazy? I’ve got you covered with 4 indoor activities for toddlers! All 4 options are low-budget and will get your toddler engaged. Salt Dough “Play-dough” Homemade salt dough...
You will never be caught up

Mama, you will never be caught up.

“If I can just get all the dishes washed...” Meanwhile, someone is eating cereal out of a bowl that can’t go in the dishwasher. “If I could just get a few more minutes of work done...” And...
How to Share a Snack with your Toddler in just 37 easy, interactive steps

How to Share a Snack with your Toddler in 37 Easy, Interactive Steps!

A great activity for mom (or dad!) to bond with your sweet, precious, willful, opinionated toddler. Based on a real afternoon with my almost-2-year-old son. Warning: your mileage may vary.  Feed your toddler a nice afternoon...
Crafting at Red Seal Craft Studio

A Crafty Morning at Red Seal Craft Studio in Roswell {sponsored post}

This is a sponsored post. I received a free craft project of my choice in exchange for writing this post, but the enthusiasm is all my own! Are you guilty of buying all the supplies...