Spooky October Recipes for Kids

Happy Halloween-ish! I know the day is usually about candy, candy, and more candy, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a lot of creative food ideas and recipes out there for just about any Halloween-related event.

Spooky October Recipes for Kids
Playful kids enjoying a Halloween party

Spooky October Recipes for Kids

Spooky October Recipes for KidsFiendish Fruits

  • Monster Mouths – No baking is required, and there are lots of ways to put your own spin on these.
  • Webbed Berries – This could qualify as a dessert, but it’s more fruit than frosting, so I’m calling it healthy.
  • Pumpkin Oranges – Just carve and fill!
  • Candy Corn “Cocktail” – A sophisticated way to serve some morning Vitamin C.

Spooky October Recipes for KidsApparition Appetizers

Devilish DinnersSpooky October Recipes for Kids

Demonic Desserts

  • Vampire Donuts – Find some fangs and you’re ready to enjoy!
  • Mummy Cakes – Store-bought cupcakes are ok here – the cuteness is in the icing.
  • Caramel Apple Board – This is a fun way to sneak a little fruit into the mix and not break any teeth with traditional caramel apples.
  • Boo Brownies – Decorating level: medium, but worth it – I love the candy pumpkins on these.






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Spooky October Recipes for Kids