Atlanta Mom: Guide to BOOing and BOOzing

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Ready to start a fun new tradition in your neighborhood? It’s time to introduce BOOing (or the adult-friendly version of this trend, BOOzing)! It’s a cute way to spread cheer before Halloween and one that your kid will love participating in, from creating the BOO baskets to secretively leaving them on doorsteps of unexpecting friends.

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Atlanta Mom: Guide to BOOing and BOOzing

So what is BOOing all about?

The idea is to create a fun Halloween-themed basket and anonymously leave it on your neighbors front porch. They discover the goodies <insert excited squeals here>, add a “We’ve Been BOOed” tag on their front door, and create two baskets to exponentially grow the excitement for other neighbors. This continues throughout the month of October until, hopefully, all neighbors have been treated before Halloween.

Atlanta Mom: Guide to BOOing and BOOzing

BOO Basics

Step 1 – Assemble your BOO Basket

Find a container and load it with goodies! When creating your BOO Basket, consider the number of kids at the house you are BOOing and make sure to include enough for everyone. Here are some container and prize ideas:

  • Container: An inexpensive, plastic Halloween bucket or bowl (you can find these at any dollar store or grocery store) is the perfect vessel to hold your treats.  A paper bag or even a cup will work as well! If your neighborhood has roaming critters (eek!), a container with a handle is great because you can hang it from the front doorknob.
  • Candy, Candy: Candy is a Halloween staple, so it’s a given addition for any BOO Basket! Make sure to keep dietary restrictions in mind, and if you are unsure of dietary restrictions, then play it safe by including nut-free candy and treats.
  • Halloween Toys: Fidgets and squishies and stretchy skeletons, oh my! Always a kid-favorite, be sure to shop at a party store or your local dollar store for Halloween-themed toys.
  • Light Up Anything: Kids of all ages get excited about anything that lights up. And many stores have fun light-up items that also serve as a safety accessory for Trick-or-Treating.
  • Halloween Party Supplies: Napkins, cups, plates, etc…as a mom, these are my favorite items to add to a BOO basket because they are both fun and functional.

Step 2-  Add a “You’ve Been BOOed” Tag

Make sure you add 2 printouts to each BOO basket you are making – one “You’ve Been BOOed” printout and one “We’ve Been BOOed” sign. The “You’ve Been BOOed” printout explains BOOing details. The “We’ve Been BOOed” sign is for them to attach to their door, mailbox, or window so that other neighbors pick a different house and spread the love!

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Step 3 – Deliver to your Neighbors

This is probably the most fun part, especially for the kids. If you are the initial BOOer, then BOO any house you want! If someone else has started the trend, then choose a house that does not have the “We’ve Been BOOed” sign on their front door!

When the coast is clear, send the kids, spy-style up to the front door, and leave the basket on the porch (preferably close to the door, to ensure that they see it). You can also place it close to a garage if you think this is more visible for them! And hope they don’t have a Ring doorbell or you will be caught for sure – although, I love seeing footage from neighbors of my kids sneaking to deliver the basket.

Step 4 – Wait and Watch

Resist the urge to text your neighbor to tell them to check their porch… remember this is supposed to be anonymous. Although if you see that your BOO basket has been sitting there for a little while, it might be worth the nudge. 

BOO Items
BOO Basket

Don't forget the Parents!

Why should the kids have all of fun? While you are making the BOO basket, consider grabbing a second basket and fill it was some fun adult beverages, cocktail mixes, or spooky bar items and include the “You’ve Been BOOzed!” sign. This idea is usually better when you know the neighbors a bit better so that you have an idea on preference.

Need some ideas for the perfect BOOze Basket? Try out some of my favorites below:

Fall-Inspired Brews – So many breweries have great Halloween-inspired beers to choose from. Bonus points if you shop local!
Wine or Champagne – Try looking for some spooky labels or go for a tried and true favorite.
Cocktail Mixers – We just love these and what a fun way to give the gift of a cocktail without the expense of buying liquor.
Liquor Minis – Can’t go wrong here.
Snacks – Anything you think they might enjoy from trail mix to charcuterie items to Halloween-shaped pasta…but don’t forget parents like candy too!
Cocktail Napkins – Always one of my favorites to give, and receive.

BOOze Items
Atlanta Mom: Guide to BOOing and BOOzing

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