When Just One More Becomes Four – Kid Room Sharing

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“Surprise, you’re having TWINS!” That is one memory seared into my brain for good. You see, we already had two daughters (ages 3 and 4) and weren’t exactly planning for baby number three. So when three turned into four…well, you can imagine how quickly my mind started to race. It still makes me dizzy thinking about those first few moments after hearing the news. That life-altering news. And not just life altering for me and my husband. But for our two daughters at home who were about to get their world turned upside down.

Adding one more child to the mix was one thing, but adding two at the same time…well that just changes all the dynamics. So the rational thing to do when you’re overcome with emotions and full of hormones is sell your house and buy a new one. Obviously.

New babies, new house, and a new bedroom for our daughters. One bedroom to be exact. They were going to be sharing a room for the first time ever. Cue all the questions – What kind of bed configuration? Will they keep each other up? Will they hate it and beg for their own rooms again? Which we couldn’t give them by the way. Because twins. #momguilt

We decided to make it super fun and go big or go home with bunk beds! We chose a bed from DHP Furniture. The Novogratz Maxwell Twin/Twin Metal Bunk Bed in Millennial Pink. With four girls (yes, the twins are also girls) my house is officially overrun with pink. And glitter. 

The bed is super sturdy, durable, and I love the side rails and connected ladder for extra safety. I especially love how the modern design saves so much space. There is so much room for activities! My husband (and our marriage) was relieved that the assembly was easy and didn’t resemble an IKEA nightmare. Been there, done that.

The best part – my girls love sharing a room and having a bunk bed! Now if we can just solve the “who gets to sleep on the top bunk” problem.

Thank you DHP Furniture for making this an easy transition for our family…of now SIX!

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  1. The room looks great and I am no jealous of the space saving versus what we have! It’s beautiful and simple.

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