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We’ve all been there – a day, week, road trip, or vacation that is such a disaster it’s practically unbelievable. Occasionally it contains something so embarrassing you are ashamed to tell others about it. After having one of those weeks, I revisited another one of those experiences and decided these are too funny not to share.  Whether you need a good laugh or want to know you’re not alone, I present you my two unbelievable stories – “The Plague” and later, “The Move.”

The Plague

My husband has been spending most of the week on job sites out of town, leaving me to fend for myself with the kids six days a week.  As you can imagine it’s been insanely difficult and I now have a new respect and admiration for single parents.  

Last week Charleigh June (referred to as C1) came down with a respiratory bug of some sort.  I kept her home the first day hoping some extra rest would fix her right up, but I was horribly mistaken. The next morning she woke me up crying because her ‘mouth’ hurt, so I kept her home again and got her in with the doctor.  Diagnosis: Upper Respiratory Infection.  We started her on antibiotics and were on our way. They suggested I keep her home the rest of the week since she’s {miraculously} never been sick before.  Her cough worsened by the end of the week, and she was coughing so hard that she’d soil herself.  Keeping her home was definitely a good decision, though it made for a very long and trying week with my husband out of town. 

On Saturday morning I made a beeline for my truck, ridiculously excited about my weekly run to Target and Publix, also because my Mom (Gigi) would arrive that afternoon. I was enjoying the you-know-what out of my morning – slowly meandering down every aisle, coffee in hand, not a care in the world.  Until my phone rang, that is.

My husband is calling to tell me Campbelle (C2) is incredibly whiny and clingy.  My heart sank.  I promised to hurry up and get home as quickly as possible.  Once I got home, I checked her temperature (normal) and gave her some Tylenol, praying it was just that last tooth of hers.  After Gigi arrived and the twins got up from their nap I spent the remainder of the afternoon cuddling C2 until she started acting more like herself.  Crisis averted, or so I thought…

The next morning Gigi and I ran to the store, stocking up on necessities for our week full of power cooking. C2 was back to normal and C1 was on the mend, all was back to normal. Until it wasn’t. Not long after we left the store my husband called, Coleson (C3) was whining and clingy.  We hurried home to check him out.  Much like his sister the day before, he woke from his nap like nothing ever happened.  I was hoping we were in the clear, especially since my husband was leaving for the week.

Monday morning came and C1 went to school like normal. I was starting to feel some congestion but went about my routine. C2 was fine and C3 had a slightly runny nose. But by the time I went to bed I was miserable and much like my sweet babies experienced, it hit me out of nowhere.

Tuesday morning I was sick and incredibly thankful Gigi was here to help me out. I came home from dropping C1 off at school to find out Gigi was also down.  When I picked C1 up from school I found out she spent the majority of the day coughing horribly. By the time I made it home, I foundC3 was now coughing and grabbing his ears, so he earned himself a trip to the doctor. With the diagnosis of bronchitis and an ear infection, I had a total of three different antibiotic prescriptions to pick up from the pharmacy.  

C3 perked up the next day, C2 remained mostly unscathed, C1 was still coughing, Gigi was feeling better, and I was convinced I was dying. My coughing aside, the week was getting better and we were on the road to recovery. Until we weren’t…

C1 spent the afternoon complaining that her fingers hurt.  Thinking she was just being a typical four-year-old I ignored her until she started crying hysterically because she couldn’t ‘stretch’ her fingers.  Her hands and wrists were swollen, and upon further inspection, I noticed she had the beginnings of a rash. She was having an allergic reaction. Good thing we had a veteran nurse in the house. We gave her Benadryl and decided she’d be fine until the next day when I’d take her to the pediatrician.

Friday was the start of our neighborhood garage sale, and despite being thoroughly miserable I toughed it out. We kept C1 home from school because of the rash and scheduled an afternoon appointment with the pediatrician. The rash was confirmed to be an allergic reaction, and a new allergy medicine was prescribed. We were in the clear and looking forward to a quiet evening at home, which proceeded as planned.  


After dinner I went to bed, utterly exhausted and unable to keep my eyeballs open any longer.  It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep, but falling asleep made me miss the most entertaining part of the day. I woke up to hear a lot of footsteps upstairs, something I didn’t think much about until I looked at my cell phone to see what time it was. I had a text message from Gigi…


The guest bed broke.  

My husband was upstairs taking charge of the situation.  Apparently, she was watching tv when she literally fell to the floor, I’m not quite sure what she thought I could do about the situation but it definitely caused hysterical laughter on my part. I’m thankful that nobody (humans, cats or dogs) got hurt, but I couldn’t contain myself.  It was definitely the funniest thing we’d experienced all week long – much needed comic relief. Needless to say, this is one trip Gigi will never forget!

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After residing in Senoia for nearly five years, Diana is finally embracing her inner Georgia Peach. Diana is a widow and mother to her three miracles - Charleigh June, and twins Campbelle (Cami) and Coleson. In addition to her children, she is also a fur-mom to three dogs and six, yes SIX, cats. Diana is a lover of animals, books, wine, Walt Disney World, warm weather, and the finer things in life. She is brutally honest, sarcastic, and sensitive. Diana is passionate about sharing her stories of infertility, loss, and grief. When she's not busy chauffeuring the kids to and from school you can find her cooking, cleaning, volunteering at school, eating BonBons with her Standard Poodles, or at Target.


  1. Hey Diana, awesome to see you back; though I’m sorry you and your family got sick. But the ending? Made my day! Too funny! Thank you for your comical and real life events/entertainment you give us!

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