Transparent Moment: I’m too Busy to Enjoy my Only Child

I discovered something recently, I don’t know how to slow down. I blame it on my nursing career. My days are filled with educating patients, answering questions, and charting, all so I can get patients through their visit in a timely manner, and make it home at a decent hour. Although this accelerated pace has helped me to excel professionally, it has not translated well to my personal life. My evenings are so busy fixing dinner, helping with homework, and bath time I often forget to stop, look around, and really appreciate my tiny human in front of me who really wants nothing more than a little of her mommy’s time and attention. It also doesn’t help that she has asked on more than one occasion “why I don’t spend time with her.” Yes, I experience immediate heartbreak each and every time she asks. But instead of beating myself up, this year I’ve decided to do something about it. So here are three small changes I have made to help me slow down and really enjoy the time with my daughter.

Put Technology Away


I’ll admit it I’m addicted to my phone and I’m sure it’s related to my FOMO (fear of missing out). When I’m home I’m often responding to emails, returning texts, or laughing at the latest Instagram memes. Don’t judge me.  My daughter’s account of the latest preschool gossip is often met with a half-hearted “Uh huh and “Oh really?” in my attempt to feign interest. To help me overcome my addiction, I’ve made it a point to leave my cell phone in my work bag or in another part of the house so I can be present during our evening chats. I’ve also committed to putting my phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode so I’m no longer tempted by the notifications or alerts that pop up on my screen. 

Let Her Help With Chores

After being on my feet all day, I’m usually ready to nothing more than take a shower and crawl into bed when I get home. This usually means, preparing a makeshift meal in as little time as possible. So when my daughter Nyah, asks to help make dinner, my first instinct is to say no because, let’s be honest, having a preschooler help out can really slow you down. But recently, I’ve learned to embrace the idea of having a helper in the kitchen. This has turned my apathy of cooking into an opportunity for learning.  I mean, what a great time to teach important life lessons like, following directions, measurement, and safety.  Besides having her help out with an everyday chore will certainly take some of the strain off me, eventually right?

Mommy-Daughter Date Nights


I’ve started to plan date nights with Nyah so that we can have uninterrupted time together. I want her to feel important and one day look back at her childhood with fondness. Since she’s only four she’s four, I usually choose activities are relatively inexpensive and easy to plan like bowling, playground activities, or catching a movie. Truthfully, things don’t turn out as planned, so every now and then, a mommy-daughter date means a trip to the grocery store while I pick up a few items.

Between work, professional obligations, and extracurricular activities, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life so much so that I forget to slow down and enjoy my little one.  The truth is by carrying out these small changes will only help to enhance our relationship and our close bond.

Share with me the tips and tricks use to carve out more quality time with your loved ones?