Motherhood: When Getting the Flu is a Vacation.


I sat in my doctor’s office staring at the test. Willing with eye daggers for two pink lines to appear. Praying silently that my doctor would say those two words I really wanted to hear, “It’s positive.” And when my doctor did say those two words, I immediately felt guilty.

You see, that positive test wasn’t exactly what you are thinking. I wasn’t pregnant, I had the flu. Yes, I actually prayed for the flu. Now I’m sure you are wondering what person in their right mind would pray for the flu. I’ll tell you. An exhausted wife, and mommy to two, spirited little girls, that’s who.

At just 15 months apart in age, my two and three-year-old little girls have me constantly on the verge of crazy and stretched to my limit every single day. Add a full-time job, a husband who works long hours, throw in a few of life’s curve balls, and you get me, or a shell of me at this point. I was breaking. I needed a break. Instead of dreaming of a long vacation on the beach with a bottomless frozen margarita in my hand, I was dreaming of just being left alone. A real life, pre-kid, guilt free sick day.

So there I sat in my doctor’s office, actually praying to God to give me the flu. I’m sure my doctor was very confused by the huge grin on my face when she told me the good…ummm…bad news. But I didn’t care. I was getting my much needed and well-deserved time out from life. And if that meant I had to endure the flu to get it, so be it.

For the next three days I was left completely alone with a fog of Lysol around my bedroom door. No toddlers crawling on me, no screaming, no crying, no diapers, no stressful bath time, and no cooking a meal that doesn’t get eaten. I even ignored work by putting an official “out of office” on my email. I shut down. I watched Gilmore Girls on Netlfix, ate soup and ice cream, and I napped. Oh how glorious the codeine cough syrup induced naps were!

Now did I feel sick? Absolutely. But I didn’t care. I was on my flu-cation.

What about you, exhausted mom? Would you take a flu-cation?

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Candence is an outgoing introvert who makes awkward first impressions. She moved to Atlanta from South Georgia 10 years ago when she followed her then rock star boyfriend, now husband of 7 years, to the big city. After struggling with infertility for two years they finally welcomed a daughter in 2012, Finley (age 3). Just 7 months later, they were shocked to be pregnant with their surprise blessing, another little girl, Piper (age 2). With two little girls just 15 months apart, she is constantly on the verge of crazy and is so far from crunchy she has dubbed her parenting style as “soggy.” Along with being a full time mom, Candence also works as a director of a small non-profit charity. You can usually find her if you follow the sound of Taylor Swift blaring from her house, but please don’t forget to bring the margaritas! 


  1. There is a huge stack of good reads that I’d LOVE to knock out that way…but with a nursing-on-demand-tiny-baby, there would be no respite! So no for me…for now! Glad you enjoyed it–well deserved I’m sure!

  2. YES! I would love a flu cation, but when I get the flu- it’s rare and really bad… So I’m torn- is just like to pee alone and take a bath that lasted longer than 5 minutes.

    • I had never had the flu so I didn’t really know what to expect. I caught it early and got Tamiflu and it honestly wasn’t too bad. BUT I jinxed myself because the next month I got strep throat that knocked me so hard I’m certain it was karma for praying for the flu. Haha!

  3. I never had the flu until this year and it totally knocked me on my butt! It was combined with bronchitis and I was told to stay away from everyone and don’t do anything. You’re right – it *was* like a mini-vacation!

  4. I love this idea best when it works in reverse! I absolutely hate for my babies to be sick, but man….those extra cuddles and long naps together are a rare treat in this house. Glad you’re feeling better, Candence!

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