An Hour in the Life of a Burn Boot Camp Rookie

Atlanta Area Moms Blog is partnering with Burn Boot Camp to bring you this post. All opinions are those of the contributor.

Two moms walk into a Burn Boot Camp.

One exercise every day eats well and has mastered the burpee. She’s confident that she is going to slay this workout, but also that she probably should have exercised this morning to make it more challenging.

The other mom is 10 months post-partum, 30 pounds over her ideal weight, and has never done a squat. She’s terrified that everyone in the room will be faster, stronger and fitter and that she’ll end up sneaking out to cry and eat chips on the couch.

Both of these women are in for a surprise.

My Burn Boot Camp Experience

Last week I was that first mom, having been given the opportunity to trial a camp at Burn Boot Camp Woodstock and write a review for this blog. As an avid and intense at-home exerciser, I was excited to try something new but skeptical about its potential to push me to new physical limits or consider spending a monthly membership fee.

I began my experience getting to know one of Burn Woodstock’s most devoted clients, Caroline, who shared her story via this Facebook Live.

Afterward, as I waited for the workout to begin, I watched as the large facility filled with an incredible variety of women. From college students to older moms; bean poles to pear shapes; rugged athletic types to “normal folk.” Everyone wanted to share what Burn means to them.

  • “The free childcare is what drew me – but the community keeps me.”
  • “I signed up before my free trial was even over!”
  • “I was intimidated when I first walked in, but after the first time, I realized that everyone there was rooting for me.”
  • “This is not just about working out. It’s about wellness – mental, emotional and physical.”
Caroline (left) and me (right) before and after our cardio-plyo workout.

The Workout

Then came the workout of the day: cardio plyometrics. Translation: jump training. Over the course of the next 45 minutes, the trainer took us through four stations, with two exercises each (followed by a “cooldown” outdoor hill sprint). They tested my stamina, muscle capacity, and psychological will. My overconfidence in my physical abilities gave way to humility, and my “loner” workout style to a sense of camaraderie as everyone cheered and encouraged each other. 

A note to those of you reading this who feel scared about the intensity of the workout. The trainer offered numerous ways to modify the moves (of which I appreciated and took advantage of!). Also, the trainers pay close to attention to each person’s level, and offer additional modifications and support during the workout to anyone who needs it. I experienced this first-hand when the trainer came over numerous times to correct my form and recommend a modification (or an intensifier, because they push you).


To put it mildly, Burn impressed me. By the quality of the workout, the sense of team despite being surrounded by strangers,  and in its overall philosophy to “maximize the quality” of life, not just via fitness, but by building “mentally, emotionally and physically strong women.”

Burn has four pillars that set it apart from other gyms: 1. a demanding but achievable physical experience; 2. unlimited one-on-one “focus” meetings with a trainer; 3. a community of support; and 4. free childcare (yep, free childcare, check out the photo of Burn Woodstock’s kids’ room). They also offer a 14-day free trial, so there is truly nothing to lose – except your self-doubt, a sluggish mind, and those “sticky” extra pounds  – by giving it a try.

(Note: my personal experience was at the Woodstock camp, but there are locations all across metro Atlanta.)