5 Must Try Donut Spots in Atlanta

5 Must Try Donut Spots in Atlanta
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Okay, Atlanta, Let’s talk donuts.

I’m not sure anything is more delightful than a light, airy donut to start your day on the right foot. And if you have a little one who is nervous about starting school again, a donut is a sure way to get a smile on their face before they return to the classroom. Luckily, our city is packed with spots cranking out amazing donuts!

Here are five must-try spots for donuts in Atlanta! 

Hero Donuts and Buns

Hero is located in Summer Hill and is a perfect stop before heading to the zoo. Hero has an incredible donut lineup, including cookies and cream, cereal and milk, and my favorite, maple sea salt. Wil Drake, the mastermind behind Hero Donuts, has perfected this brioche-style pastry and will surely bring a little happiness to your day. They also serve another unique pastry called the kolache – a pastry stuffed with sausage. I suggest you add one of these to your order as well.

Doughnut Dollies

Tucked away behind a shopping center in Marietta, this sweet shop is a hidden gem. They love to get creative with their flavors, including Vegan Vanilla Lavender, S’mores, and Orange Creamsicle. This is also a great spot to place an order for special occasions since they offer letter and number-shaped donuts to spell out whatever you want!

Sublime Donuts

Sublime Donuts has been featured everywhere and is a beloved spot to grab our favorite hole-in-the-middle treats! Owner and creator Kamal Grant started as a baker in the Navy, where his cinnamon rolls rose quickly in popularity. By traveling in the Navy, he could experience flavors and textures worldwide, which he now incorporates into his famous donuts. Try the strawberries and cream, a donut cut in half and filled with fresh cream and cut strawberries, or if you’re feeling adventurous, give the salt and vinegar a try!

Davinci’s Donuts

Don’t let the small size of these cake donuts fool you – they pack a punch with their flavor. Plus, you can try more than one without all the guilt. With four locations, you are bound to find one within driving distance! These donuts are great for birthdays, class parties, or any other celebration! Owner, Melissa Rudd, has developed some really fun flavors for you, such as birthday cake, lemon bar, and cinnamon roll!

Bloom Donuts

This precious place is a must-visit if you are in the Milton Area. The shop is located in an old general store building from the 1940s, and that’s fitting because they are running it old school here! They roll out their donuts and ground their coffee fresh every morning, and it shows! They offer nostalgic flavors like vanilla glazed and cinnamon sugar but throw some fun ones in there, too, like their coffee and maple glazed donut topped with bacon!

Do you have a favorite donut spot we missed? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out this list of International Bakeries In and Around Atlanta


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