Nadine is a boy mom, recovering bureaucrat, freelance facilitator, wellness coach, and aspiring novelist. After 15 years in various corporate and federal roles, she took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship in 2017 by launching Doyle Strategies and diving headfirst into a virtual nutrition franchise. She lives and works in East Cobb with her family, has roots in Athens, Ga., and Baltimore, and spends most of her "free" time either running or playing in virtually every tennis league that Atlanta has to offer.

The Sitter Tree is at your Service in Atlanta

I haven't gotten out much in the past 5.5 years. My husband and I talked a big game about weekly date nights and not losing ourselves completely after having children. But the reality of not...

An Hour in the Life of a Burn Boot Camp Rookie

Two moms walk into a Burn Boot Camp. One exercise every day eats well and has mastered the burpee. She's confident that she is going to slay this workout, but also that she probably should...
Mindfulness for Mamas (It Is Possible!)

Mindfulness for Mamas (Yes, it is Possible): Atlanta Area Moms Blog

My brain never stops. From morning to night, and often while I sleep, there are at least five things whizzing through my head. From what I need at the store to the email I...
Why All Moms Need to Understand Nutrient Density

Why All Moms Need to Understand Nutrient Density: Atlanta Moms Blog

Ginny inspired us to "rock our mom bods." I strongly believe in loving the body I have. But I've learned over the past year that truly doing so means more than letting go of...
Traversing Time Zones with Tykes: Tips to Avoid Trauma

Traversing Time Zones with Tykes: Tips to Avoid Trauma

As the minivan bumper sticker touts - I used to be cool. Before children, I traveled the world, from studies abroad in Africa to cruises on the Baltic Sea. A 19-hour flight and 6-hour...
My Son's Two Left Feet and One Big Grin

My Son’s Two Left Feet and One Big Grin

Watching my little boy play sports is like having an out-of-body experience. He is - at least physically - me. Three paces behind the other children on his two left feet. But it's there that...