5 Easy and Fashionable Style Hacks for Breastfeeding Moms

Breast pump: check. Nursing bras: check. Boppy: check. Nursing pads: check check check. Even though my mom friends told me to stock up on breastfeeding supplies before I had my first baby, I had no idea that also meant adding fashionable nursing accessible clothing to my wardrobe.

After giving birth, I spent most of the following weeks wearing some combination of camisole, pajama shorts, the trusty mesh-undies-and-perineum-pad combo, a nursing bra, or (let’s be honest) just went completely topless around the house.

Once I finally became comfortable enough to venture out and about, it occurred to me that even with my easy-access nursing bras, most of my wardrobe was not accommodating to my new breastfeeding lifestyle. After several awkward attempts lifting my dress while juggling my newborn, I decided I needed some nursing-friendly options in my wardrobe — FAST.

Stylish mother holding baby

Yet, for the same reasons I didn’t buy maternity-specific clothing, I felt hesitant spending money on clothing I’d only use during a short time in my life. Well, friends, if you’re finding yourself in a similar pinch, here are some of my favorite easy AND fashionable style hacks for breastfeeding moms that will take you to work, to date night, to nurse your child, and back again!

Opt for a stretchy or low-cut neckline. Scoop-neck tops and dresses often come down low enough on your chest that you can reach in and pop out a breast without too much of a struggle —which is good for being discreet, as well as protecting the shape of your clothing! BONUS: Your bosom is already looking ample, so you might as well enjoy flaunting it while you got it.

Stock up on surplice dresses and blouses. An even easier solution for nursing moms, surplice necklines — also known as wrap or crossover tops — are often used in clothing made specifically for breastfeeding. But when you get that ‘official’ label added, that price tag tends to hike up pretty high. Avoid that trap, and instead of searching for ‘nursing’ tops, try switching your search terms to ‘surplice’ – you’ll be surprised at how much you save and all the fashionable options!

Layer high-neck items with a camisole underneath. Okay, so maybe it’s winter, or there’s a shirt you love that doesn’t allow for breast exposure. You don’t want to expose your entire belly for the whole world to see by pulling that sweater up! Remember that trusty camisole you’ve been wearing constantly at home? It is your friend in this situation! For this nursing style hack, you still have to lift your shirt, but having a camisole in place keeps your tum-tum concealed (and, being real, the stretch marks you’ve recently acquired through pregnancy) while you feed your baby.

Get adventurous with kimono-style dolman sleeve tops. I’m sure you’re scratching your head at this one, but hear me out! With a dolman style top or dress, the armholes don’t have a seam at the shoulder, allowing for a more draped shape. The wideness of the armholes gives you the ability to open the sleeve of your garment and access the breast. It’s not the easiest maneuver, but gives a whole new set of options for your nursing-friendly wardrobe!

The obvious (but trusty!) button-down/zippered options. Let’s face it — this one is pretty straightforward. Highly recommend this one for working moms who want to look professional and don’t want to strip completely topless if they’re pumping on the job.

What are some of your go-to nursing styles? Add your own breastfeeding fashion hacks in the comments!


  1. Love these! I also wore a lot of loose, billowy tops with a nursing bra underneath and would just pop babe right under my shirt. The top worked almost like a nursing cover.

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