3 Things I Miss Being a Stay-at-Home Mom and What I’ve Gained

3 Things I Miss

Being a mom is tough, no matter what you decide works best for your family when it comes to pursuing a career. As for me, I’ve been a work-outside-the-home mom and work-at-home mom, but since our move to Georgia, I have added the stay-at-home mom title to my resume. I LOVE being at home with my son, but there are certain things I miss.

I miss having co-workers.

Those wonderful people who work alongside you: some you love, some are quite cantankerous. But, above all else, they understand what it means to do your job. And, they can be the comic relief, support, or aggravation in doing it. Some may ask, but what about your husband? Isn’t he a sort of co-worker? Yes, my husband is my partner in love, life, and parenting. And I am so grateful for all his love and support, but he’s not in the trenches with me all. day. long. By the time he comes home, sometimes it feels like he’s the replacement staff, as I crawl into a quiet corner for some relief.

I miss accolades.

It wasn’t until my life became a monotonous cycle (make breakfast, wash breakfast dishes, make lunch, wash lunch dishes, throw in a load of laundry, you get the picture) that I realized how much I missed being challenged. When I worked outside the home, I loved a tough project or new assignment. I would sit down at my computer, research, and then set out a plan. The best part was the end. I would either reassess what didn’t work or rejoice with success. Occasionally, colleagues or administration would notice and strategize or rejoice with me. My son recently picked up the phrases “good job” and “great idea.” So I can’t say my life is entirely void of accolades, especially after we arrive at the grocery store and my son says, “Good job driving, Momma!”

I miss coffee breaks.

Mmm. The sweet taste of hot coffee, paired with a tasty treat (my breakroom always had something delicious to offer), and the chatter of colleagues. That mid-morning break was short, but it was enough to revive. At home, I don’t even try to keep my coffee hot. I keep it in the fridge. And as for breaks, nap time does come, but by then, I’m usually in need of a nap myself.

But when I calculate what I’ve lost (co-workers, accolades, and coffee breaks), I can’t help but remember what I have gained.

I have gained cuddles.

As a teacher, I was known to give an old school high five, and occasionally, a side-hug to my high school students. But, there’s nothing like cuddling with a two-year-old, while reading a book. Or holding him after he puts his arms up and says, “Too tired.” And while my son is the not-stop-until-you-drop type, he’s always more than willing to give “squeeze” hugs and “ugga mugga” kisses.

I have gained bedhead.

Okay, let’s be truthful. I’ve always had bedhead. But, I spent a lot more time trying to get rid of it in the morning. However, now it doesn’t seem as important. I just throw my hair up in a ponytai and we’re off to the playground or the farmer’s market or anywhere we please. My son doesn’t mind a bit.

I have gained time.

The phrase, “The days are long, but the year are short” has been mentioned to me so many times by other mommas. And, I am trying to embrace it. Yes, being at home is sometimes lonely. Yes, I miss the challenges and social breaks of working outside the home. But, this time is only for a season. My little boy grows bigger every day. And, instead of looking at the past or waiting for the future, I want to enjoy the present.

Okay, SAHMs, what would you add to the list?


  1. Yes! I definitely concur! I really resonate with the accolades part- just having people notice what you’re doing. Also, adult conversation. You are so right- it is hard no matter what your path. But definitely worth it.

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