Ashley is new to the Atlanta area and is a wife, mother, and self-appointed fun curator. Her husband's job keeps them moving, and as a former teacher, she has taught in four different states. She now spends her time learning dinosaur names with her toddler son and taking walks with her family, which includes her 150 lb. English mastiff "puppy." As a lifelong learner, she is excited to explore the Atlanta area and to paint her experience of motherhood with words.
Learning to Embrace the Now

Learning to Embrace the Now

Three days ago I learned that we were moving out of state. Again. When I found out about the move, the tears fell. My first thought: Before my son turns three, he will have lived...
Toddler Hotel Stay 101 | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Toddler Hotel Stay 101

We recently took our first road trip since our move to Atlanta. No, it wasn't for a fun holiday to some place like Disney. My toddler and I accompanied my husband on his business...
How I accidentally potty trained my son | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

How I Accidentally Potty Trained My Son

Potty training. I dreaded it. Like many of you, I belong to a couple online parenting groups. And, I heard the horror stories. The really scary ones!   So like with any big parenting decision, I...
Integrating your Faith All Year Long | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Integrating Your Faith All Year Long

Even though the advent calendar and nativity scene have been put away, my son is still singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." I smile and think two things: Will he still be singing...
The Cost of Receiving Christmas toys

The Cost of Receiving Christmas Toys

Before my son was born, I had dreams of a pristine playroom full of wooden toys, books, and materials to spark the imagination. My main reason for this dream was because of my fears...
Playground Politics: Types of Playground Moms

Playground Politics: Types of Moms at the Park

Atlanta has some of the prettiest parks in the country. Just read here, here, and here. Oh, and here. As you explore Georgia’s wonderful parks with your kids, you might discover some untold rules....
3 Toddler-Friendly Restaurants in Henry County

3 Toddler-Friendly Restaurants in Henry County

Since moving to the Atlanta area, I’ve been excited to explore with my toddler. But, before we set out to capture the culinary Atlanta, I thought we would venture a  little closer to our home in...
Stay-at-home Mom & What I miss

3 Things I Miss Being a Stay-at-Home Mom and What I’ve Gained

Being a mom is tough, no matter what you decide works best for your family when it comes to pursuing a career. As for me, I’ve been a work-outside-the-home mom and work-at-home mom, but...
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How to Make Guacamole with a Toddler in 25 Easy Steps

Ever try to cook with a toddler's "help"? Here's my recipe for fabulous guacamole. (Be sure to give yourself at least twenty minutes.) Collect the ingredients from their various hiding places in your kitchen:...
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5 Things to Consider When Moving to the Atlanta Area

When I found out we were moving to Atlanta, Georgia, I started perusing the internet trying to figure out what area we should make our home. My husband had only been in the Atlanta...