Keeping Love Alive: How to Date Indoors

Keeping Love Alive: How to Date Indoors
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The world is still in the midst of a pandemic and many people are not ready to embark on a “new normal” outside of their homes. Not to mention, all this extra togetherness may have altered the dynamics of your romantic relationships (i.e., you are driving each other nuts!). If you and your partner need to reconnect, but are hesitant to hit the town, here are some fun ideas to have date nights at home.

Get some knowledge

Go Hollywood

  • Create a home theater in your back yard – or just bring the TV outside. Pick out each other’s favorite movie to watch and grab your most indulgent snacks as well.
  • Theme night – match dinner with your movie. Love “The Breakfast Club?” Put on your favorite 80’s outfit and have breakfast for dinner, or pack your meal in a lunchbox.  Want something with more action? Try any of the “Bad Boys” movies, set in Miami.  Wear your favorite touristy outfit and chow down on some empanadas or crab claws.
  • If you prefer something that keeps you on the edge of your seats, print out this scary movie bingo game and see how many horror film cliches you can find.

Express Yourself

  • Grab some blank canvasses and favorite paints and set up an art studio in your living room. You may choose one image to copy and then compare results, paint portraits of each other, or just go free style.
  • Write a love letter. Spend some time thinking about all your partners special qualities, and put pen to paper (no texting)! Then share them with each other over dinner or drinks; it will be a special keepsake that lasts forever.
  • Take a personality test and discover your love languages.

Order A Date In

If you are not feeling creative at all and need some help, why not let someone else do the work?  Here are a few “date night box” services:

So how you are keeping the “home fires” burning?  Please share your date night ideas below!