It’s Football Season, Ladies!

‘Tis the season! Whether you’re a college fan, pro fan or both, this is the BEST time of the year. And I’m talking to all you ladies out there who wear your team colors proud, who plan the game day parties and tailgates, and the ladies rockin’ the fantasy leagues. We make up a little over 40% of the NFL fan base! Surprised? Not me! Women are becoming “Super Fans” and more are claiming their own teams, verses whoever their spouse goes for. 

Football’s not just for men. Ever since I can remember, on Sundays we’d watch football with my dad and he’d teach us the game. He also taught us a little healthy trash-talking…as every dad should. Being a little girl and knowing the game, gave me the confidence to play at recess with the boys, watch with my friends and know what was going on.

As I got older, being a football fan played a bigger part of my life…it’s how I met my husband. In 2006, I toured the locker room at Florida State University before a game. Seeing the locker room were some of my favorite players once stood, like Deion Sanders, and where head coach Bobby Bowden lead his team was a dream come true! And to top it off, I caught sight of a super cute guy working for the team during the tour and the rest is history.  

The friendly competition between spouses is just another reason why I love this time of year. If you are ever so lucky to have a house divided, (a home where the spouses are cheering on rival teams) you have the fun already made for you. Watching spouses go at it during rival weekends is pretty entertaining. In our house we haven’t had the opportunity to play each others NFL teams, maybe this year will be the one we face off in the Super Bowl? (But that’s pretty unlikely because my hubby’s team hasn’t seen a Super Bowl since they won the 4th…just sayin’)

So how do you handle the situation in your home when your team won and your spouses didn’t? 

  1. Rub it in their face and say, “Better luck next week”
  2. Give them a big hug and say, “I’m sorry honey, I wish your team was as good as mine”
  3. Make their favorite meal and try not to mention anything that has to do with football

I’m pretty sure 1 and 2 have been spoken in my house and much worse. We are super competitive in my marriage and it works for us. But tread lightly, ladies. Men hate loosing, especially if it’s to a woman.

To all my fellow football lovin’ mommas out there, here’s to an amazing season, full of TD’s, tailgates and hopefully a championship! (Because we all know who REALLY runs the house and makes the fun happen.) 

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A Southern Belle with a Jersey attitude, Sherri was northern born and southern grown! She’s a SAHM, business owner and graphic designer, but most importantly a mommy of two tiny humans, (8 and 6) and mini long haired Dachshund. Sherri is a Flagler College grad who snuck away to FSU in 2006 and met her future husband, they’ve been together ever since! Her family has lived in beautiful Destin, FL, Jacksonville, FL and recently moved to Alpharetta, GA. She was a contributor for the Jacksonville Moms Blog and is looking forward to writing again for City Moms Blog in her new home. Baking, painting, the outdoors and pageants are a few of her favorite things. Obsessed with Christmas (all year long), you can find Sherri designing in her home office with coffee in her snowman mug and Nat King Cole playing in the background.