8 Must Visit Restaurants in ATL for the Ultimate Foodie Mom

When we moved to Atlanta I was about six months pregnant and the cravings were FOR REALZ. As a result, we ate out a ton and got to try a lot of really yummy restaurants around the Atlanta area. I believe that sharing is caring and so I compiled a list for your reading pleasure! I controlled myself and only chose four categories even though I could write about food for ages! Most of these restaurants do have kid-friendly options and if not, they make for a great date night spot.


1. Gumbeaux’s {Douglasville}

This place is probably the closest thing to the French Quarter outside of the actual thing. The food is AU-THEN-TIC (coming from a Louisiana native). I suggest the sampler because it gives you a taste of everything. The crawfish etouffee is also extremely yummy and the portions are huge! Plus, when it’s in season, they sell crawfish, so you really get the full experience. It is extremely busy all the time, so be prepared for a little wait, but the food is so worth it that you forget about it.

Gumbeaux's SamplerGumbeaux's Etouffee

2. NOLA Snoball Cafe {Stone Mountain}

In case you’re feeling like you need a little taste of the sweets from “down on the bayou.” This place is the business! If you’ve never had a New Orleans-style snoball (NOT a snow cone) you’re missing out. It’s as light and flaky as snow and melts almost instantaneously. They’ve recently relocated, and we haven’t been to their new place yet but I’ve seen pictures and it’s super cute and quaint. A fun outing for the whole family!

Nola Snoball Cafe


3. Taco Loco {Marietta}

Not to toot my own horn, but I also know a lot about good Mexican food. I lived in San Antonio for about three years, so an authentic taco means a lot to me. Taco Loco is one of those mom and pop spots that you probably pass all the time but would never really consider stopping at. These tacos are THE BEST y’all…they taste like they came right out of that San Antonio River. My favorite is their house “Taco Loco.” It’s grilled steak, avocado, cheese, onions, and cilantro (and I like to add their red salsa). Is your mouth watering yet?! Also, the 99 cent chicken tacos rock my world. We like to go on Sundays, it’s our beginning of the week treat. Make sure you get an horchata to wash it all down with too!

Taco Loco

4. Casa Grande  {Austell}

This is more of a sit-down Mexican spot (margaritas and all *insert dancing lady in red dress emoji*). It’s actually a part of the Marietta Diner chain of restaurants. Y’all the quesadillas are so THE business…not to mention the guacamole (made tableside, cause who doesn’t love that?) is super fresh and a must order. It tends to get really busy on the weekends as well. I would definitely suggest going mid-week, especially if you have the kiddos because we’ve waited for almost an hour and a half before!


5. Muss & Turner’s {Smyrna}

The PERFECT date night spot (IMO). We’ve only been here once but it was such a good time! Their menu is seasonal so it will vary depending on when you go. When we went I ordered the strip steak with truffle fries (all the heart eye emojis) and my hubby had some sort of pork dish that was delectable. Not only was the food yummy but I had a really yummy cocktail that I can’t remember the name of (it was the closest thing they had to a margarita…notice a trend here?). My husband also had a really yummy stout with some coffee bean undertones. They have a really cool little lounge type area where you can eat called “The Cooler Door.” If you’re really trying to have a trendy and exclusive experience you should totally ask the hostess if there’s room to be seated there.

Muss & Turner's IMG_7624IMG_0355

6. Fox Brother’s {Decatur}

What Atlantan hasn’t been here, right? But I figured I couldn’t write a favorite places list without them. Bottom line, if you haven’t been, bless your heart (cause we’re southern, right). Pictured is the ribs and smoked wings dinner, but my favorite is the sliced brisket. The macaroni and cheese is a must try plus they have Frito pie on the menu, FRITO PIE.

Fox Brother's SignFox Brother's

Indian & Caribbean

7. Chai Pani {Decatur}

Indian street food is definitely something that you’ll be down for after visiting Chai Pani. Everything is worth a try basically. They have these little yogurt bites of darn goodness called “Sev Potato Dahi Puri.” The flavors are similar to what you’d expect to find in Mexican cuisine and I’d call it a “safe” (meaning you can’t really go wrong) dish if you’ve never eaten Indian food before. The service is phenomenal and the wait staff will definitely lead you in the right direction if you’re not quite sure what to order. They do close between lunch and dinner so be sure to either go before 3 p.m. or after 5:30 p.m.

Chai Pani

8. Mango’s Carribean Restaurant {Atlanta}

Anyone else a fan of Jamaican beef patties? I was introduced to Jamaican food by New Yorkers (sheltered, southern childhood, I know) and I’ve loved it ever since. Mango’s is the closest thing to authentic (in my limited palette’s opinion). I’ve only ever had the beef patties and the mango lemonade but they were both the bomb. Mango’s is pretty much downtown, so it’s probably best to go during the day.


Well…hope you enjoyed that! Not gonna lie, finding all those photos made me crave every single thing all over again. Now it’s your turn to try these delicious spots. I promise you won’t regret it, but if you do you can totally blame me! Are you the ultimate Atlanta foodie? What’s your favorite restaurant? Let us know in the comments!


  1. My inner foodie is thanking you! Can’t wait to explore some new options outside of my “usual” places in Atlanta.

  2. Oh, my! So excited for this list. Don’t know where to start, but I think the Taco Loco is calling my name! THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS!

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