Leveled Up Store-Bought Goodies

Leveled Up Store-Bought GoodiesLeveled Up Store-Bought Goodies

We are coming into the “bring something” season…holiday parties, family dinners, potlucks, and more! 

In an ideal world, you’d spend hours making the perfect homemade something to take to every party you might be invited to this season. But in my world, I barely have time for a quick shower, let alone time to make something homemade to take with me.

My solution? Buy it at the store and level it up with cute packaging!

I always have these self-sealing cellophane bags on hand. You get a million bags for next to nothing on Amazon and they take your sad store-bought anything into something fabulous!

Publix cookies are pretty tasty but when you take them in the original packaging, you look like a slacker. But when you take a quick second to put the cookies in these individual bags, they’re suddenly fancy! If you’re feeling extra, you can also add a sticker or tag to the front.

I love bringing them in an acrylic tray so you can see the different varieties. For an added bonus, put some candy on the try to offer even more variety. They’re equally cute on a platter. Think about a holiday-themed platter for even more flair to the treat!

I’ve used this trick for store-bought cookies, brownies, mini pies, and donuts. You just can’t go wrong! 

Tell us how you survive the “bring something” season in the comments below!

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Sandra Chung
Sandra is a so-southern, second-generation Korean-American, born and raised in Rome, Georgia. She moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech and never left! She and her husband, Alex, live in Smyrna with their two daughters, Mia and Emmie. They are a tight-knit family that enjoys adventures, travel, and pajama days at home! Sandra has a passion for celebrations, both large and small…from holidays to birthdays to random Tuesdays…she loves them all! She recently began sharing her passion on Instagram @sandracelebrates and is excited to share her entertaining, crafting, and family fun ideas on Atlanta Mom!