Happy Holidays with Happy Cards

We have partnered with Happy Cards to bring you this post.

used to enjoy getting out and about during the holiday season. Going from store to store searching for the perfect gift for my husband, kids, parents, best friends. Then this year I found myself 38+ weeks pregnant during the holidays. So pregnant that my usual mom-getaway (aka solo trip to Target on Friday night or Saturday morning), was more exhausting than it was worth. Forget the fact that when I got home, I barely had any energy to wrap any of the gifts I found. 

That is when I found out about Happy Cards. It became my gift solution. Happy Cards is one gift card but includes top brands. You can pick out the perfect custom card depending on who or what you are buying for – Happy Lady, Happy Guy, Happy Kid, Happy Student, Happy Teen, Happy Her, Happy Bites, plus more. Each gift card can be used at 4-7 top brands across the country. So whether you have a local friend or family across the country, you can find the perfect card that will guarantee they get the perfect gift this holiday season!

You can buy your Happy Card at a local Kroger this holiday season or using the link below!

Happy Card

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