Feel the Love in Atlanta this Valentine’s Day

How do you step up the romance in your relationship with your main squeeze? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day and acknowledge the upcoming Hallmark holiday? Or do you turn the cheek and focus on celebrating your love for each other in other ways in the day-to-day? Perhaps you do both?

My husband and I have always loved Valentine’s Day, and as our family has grown, we love to find little ways to celebrate the love with our children too.

Feel the Love in Atlanta this Valentine's DayFeel the Love in Atlanta this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Words of Love:

  • Cut out colorful hearts and tape on your children’s or partner’s bedroom doors the week of Valentine’s Day. Write a special compliment, love note, or something you love about them on each heart.
  • Tuck a special note, sweet treat, or Valentine in your child’s backpack or lunch to surprise them during the school day.
  • Personalize a book with your child’s name featured in it and read it to them at bedtime.
  • Have a dance party during dinner or bedtime playing and singing only songs with the word love in them.
  • Create a love note family jar or box where each family member writes something they love & appreciate about each other. Take turns reading the love notes selected out of the jar around the dinner or breakfast table.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

  • Personalized puzzles. Send a picture of your partner or family/kids and receive a fun puzzle you can do together to celebrate your love.
  • Heart Snapshot Mix. Create a collage of special pictures in the shape of a heart with personalized captions.
  • Peruse Etsy’s Custom Star Maps. Map the dates/star alignment of the place and time you met the love of your life.
  • Big Love Colossal Fortune Cookie. Personalize your love note/message and put it inside a tasty treat. Giant fortune cookie with a personalized love note for your loved ones to read.

Explore / Outings:

Popular Restaurants

Iberian Pig, Canoe, Canoe, Two Urban Licks, Cru, Casa Nuevo, Sotto Sotto, Barcelona, Horseradish Grill, Nan Thai, Bones, Table & Main, Muss & Turners, the restaurants at Avalon, the restaurants at Halycon…the list goes on!

Live Music and Dancing

Madlife Stage and Studios, Havana Club, The Velvet Note, Red Light Cafe, City Winery, Blinde Willies, Terminal West, Venkman’s, Eddie’s Attic, Tabernacle…the list goes on!

However you celebrate, or whatever you do to make your loved ones in your tribe feel special, just take some time to FEEL. THE. LOVE. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day…