Where to Find Your Zen In and Around Atlanta

If you clicked on this link – well done and welcome! You are on your way to achieving the near-impossible feat of carving out some quality time for yourself. Whether it’s because school’s back in session, or you got an afternoon off work –  you have answered the call to get out into the world and find your zen.

Studies have shown there is great personal value in quality “me” time. It helps with creativity, self-reflection, goal-setting, and most importantly, your mental health. It’s a time to “weed your garden,” recenter and recharge.

Where to Find Your Zen in and around Atlanta

Luckily, you live in Atlanta, and there are some wonderful places to just go and “be” to reclaim your inner zen. Here are a few intriguing options:


The Big Trees Forest Preserve offers, as they describe it, a “visual, mental, and spiritual oasis.”  You can walk trails and observe flora and fauna at your own pace.  If you go, be sure to check out their website, as they offer guided education tour information you can take with you.

Don’t be confused by the title – the Rome Labyrinth experience is meant to be meditative, rather than panic-inducing. There is only one path to follow, which is, perhaps fittingly, a brick road, ala the Wizard of Oz, but without the flying monkeys.

The Lake Claire Community Land Trust is an expansive property, where you can explore the Japanese Meditation garden, grab a free magazine and read by the Peace Pond, and feed grapes to the resident emu when he’s in the mood for company.

The City of Atlanta public art tour is a free outdoor exhibit right at your fingertips.  Just download the app, and choose from several different public art experiences, which include commentary by the artists themselves.  It’s history hidden in plain sight!


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is the largest Hindu temple in the US and is open to the public for tours of its impressive architecture. You’ll be awe-inspired by the breathtaking display of intricate carvings and mosaics.

I am fascinated by FLO2S. I can’t remember the last time I just floated around in some water.  You’ll get in a private, Epsom-salt-filled tank, where outside environmental stimulation is blocked out, and tension is reduced all over your body – they liken the sensation to that of an astronaut in space.

At Intown Salt Room, you can choose between a meditation session in a sound wave lounger or a breathing session with salt mist. What piqued my interest was the possible alleviation of snoring (asking for a friend). Overall, the goal is to set aside 30 or so minutes to relax, refresh, and be uplifted!

So, you won’t technically be alone at Java Cat Cafe, but cats really aren’t into small talk anyway.  Reservations are required, but the booking fee comes with a complimentary drink.  Cuddle and play with some adoptable cuties and get your pet therapy fix – and maybe a new housemate!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to peaceful spaces in Atlanta. Please comment below with your favorite place to find your zen.