Learn How to Make Time For Yourself

We are almost in Spring, yet somehow it still feels like you’re just winding down from the prior year’s festivities. Layer in New Year celebrations and a February full of holidays and celebrations, only to be faced with planning spring break and summer vacations.

Learn How to Make Time For YourselfWith all the activities and plans, it’s easy to lose sight of one thing…you! As moms, we get caught up in the homework assignments, sports activities, and all the extras – the holidays, special days, and vacation planning. However, it’s important to make sure you find time for yourself in some way.

If planning one more thing is causing you too much stress, feel free to use these ideas.

Throw a Self-Care Galentine’s Event

I know. Galentine’s was in February, but who says you can’t have a Galentine’s Party whenever!?

If you and your girlfriends have made it a priority to get together, that’s great. If you need ideas on how to throw a Galentine’s Party, check out these ideas. While you’re together, find a way to insert some self-care. You could exchange facial masks and do group facials while watching a movie. Or, turn on your favorite tunes and see who remembers the most dance moves from the “olden times.” Take it to a vote and decide on a group self-care activity.

Find a Pocket of Peace

If life is just too busy to get together with friends, you are still in luck. You can carve out your own personal self-care practice. Only have an hour before the kids get home from school? Catch up on an episode of your favorite TV program. Did dinner wrap up early, and you have 15 minutes before it’s time for the kid’s bath time? Sneak into the pantry to grab an after-dinner treat. AND DON’T SHARE IT. It’s also long enough to name ten things are grateful for.

Whether you have a full day, a few hours, or a few minutes, remember to take care of yourself. Post your favorite self-care ideas below.