5 Tips on Fitting in Fitness as a Working Mom

After putting myself out there in my last blog about my fitness journey, I’ve been asked, “How do you do it?” Well, it’s not easy. As a working mom of two, I somehow have to fit in working over 40 hours a week, cooking, cleaning, and spending time with my hubby and kids. I’m not too sure how I get everything done, but I somehow manage. Here are my tips and tricks to keeping my fitness journey going.

Set a GoalGirl Runner

The biggest problem for me is motivation. With all the things that I have to do in a day, I am pooped and the last thing I want to do is workout. However, knowing that I’m going to be on stage in March, there are no excuses. I don’t want to be on stage and look like I shouldn’t be there. So set a goal for yourself. I’m not saying you should wake up and say, “Hey, I want to compete in body building contest.” Start smaller like finding a local 5k or get a group of co-workers to partake in something like the “Biggest Looser.” Those small goals can get you the motivation you need to get your booty in shape!

Find a 24-hour gym

Tip 2: 24 Hour Gym

The only time that I could find to work out was 4:30 AM. Yes, that early in the morning. You’ve got to fit it in when you can. Many of the gyms I looked at had set hours, and there was no way that I’d be able to work, pick up the kids, make dinner, put the kids to bed, etc. with the hours I found at the gyms near me. I’m a member of Fitness 1440 in Marietta. It’s a great 24-hour gym if you live over there! There are plenty in the Atlanta area like Lifetime Fitness, Anytime Fitness, etc.

Get coach or personal trainer

Female Personal Trainer

I’m not a personal trainer or nutritionist by any means. I know enough about my own body to kind of put a plan together, but I had to get a coach first to understand the basics. There are many coaches or personal trainers out there, but you have to find one that you mesh with. I’ve had a few in my lifetime, and there are some great ones out there. Don’t limit yourself to the personal trainers at the gym. There are many that offer online coaching which is what I do. My coach is absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t have gotten into the shape I am in without her.

Buy Some Workout Videos

Don’t have time to make it to the gym at all? Get some workout videos, but don’t get videos that only do cardio. Get something that involves weight lifting or something to that effect. While you might be sweating a lot with a good cardio session, muscle will help you burn fat better throughout the day, way after the actual workout. I’ve tried many in the past, but the one I liked the most was Insanity by Shawn T from Beach Body.

Be prepared to be on your feet constantly outside of work

Working Mom Cooking

As a working mom, I have a desk job where I sit all day long staring at a computer. Once I pick up the kiddos from daycare, I’m on my feet until I lay down for bed – I’m cooking dinner, preparing food for the next day, playing with my sons, letting the dog out, etc. I have to squeeze in as much as possible in a 3-4 hour span to keep the house in some sort of order. This helps with staying fit since I’m not sitting down and relaxing.

As a working mom, I know that getting a good workout is hard. Fit it in where you can, and you can reach whatever goal you want to do. 


  1. Hallelujah for the early morning workouts! Sometimes, is the only way to get it done. Congrats on your journey!

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