Stephanie is one of the rare people that can say she is a native Atlantan. While she moved around the United States after marrying her high school sweet heart, Alex, she knew Atlanta was home. After having 2 kids, Aiden and Evan, in different states, the family moved back to Atlanta in 2016. Stephanie is a full time digital marketer who is obsessed with fitness. She some how fits everything in 24 hours in day. She blogs about her random thoughts and crazy life on One Hard Working Mama.
How do you pick the right home services provider?

How do you pick the right home services company, and be nice afterwards?

Perform a Google search. Find a home services provider. Review their website. Go to third party sites and read their reviews. Pick a provider. Provider comes to your home. They perform the job. You...
Mom Struggles: 24 Hours a day - Life Balance Struggle

Mom Struggles – Life Balance

Nobody is perfect – something I must remind myself every day. Every mom struggles with something and no mom can do everything. Something starts to slip when you focus on something else. There is...
NPC Bikini Fitness Show : Before & After | Reverse Dieting

NPC Bikini Fitness Journey – Show and After

I did it! I stepped on a NPC stage to show off my hard work in the gym. It was such an amazing and scary experience to get up on stage in a bikini....
Working Mom: 5 Tips to Fit Working Out In | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

5 Tips on Fitting in Fitness as a Working Mom

After putting myself out there in my last blog about my fitness journey, I’ve been asked, “How do you do it?” Well, it’s not easy. As a working mom of two, I somehow have...
Crazy 2017 Fitness Resolution | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

2017 Fitness Resolution: But Crazier

Hello, 2017! Bring on the new year’s resolutions of getting fit and eating healthy. I won't be one those people joining a gym and changing what they eat. I'm pretty darn healthy already, but...