Introducing the Mom behind our new “Making Adjustments” Series

{We are excited to partner with Dr. Jamie Michael of Michael Family Chiropractic for a monthly series on health issues facing you and your family. Today, Dr. Michael, a mom of 2 little ones, introduces herself to you!}

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Who am I? 

That is a great question; and when I figure that out, I’ll let you know.

Dr. Jamie Intro PostUntil then, I will tell you what tribes I hang out with and what I spend my energy on. Because like most of you, I don’t fit into just one category. I love taking the Facebook surveys on “What type of mom are you,” “What body type do you have,” or “Where is the best place for you to vacation?” Then, after I have survived all of the pop-up advertisements and no revolutionary discovery as surfaced, I find myself liking and loathing things from all of them.

I am outspoken, opinionated, fiery, compassionate (sometimes), intuitive, a football lover (Goooo Dawgs!), overly trusting (naïve), a romantic and holistic (except I Love Coca-Cola). Up until I had children, I hated being alone. NOW? I can’t wait for the 45 minutes I have by myself every Thursday after I drop my kids off at school and before I have to be at my practice. 

My third child is my chiropractic practice in Smyrna, GA. I know I should probably do something productive in that 45 minutes. Like a home workout video, meditate, or read a devotional. However, I prefer to grab breakfast and enjoy an episode of Real Housewives of Somewhere in complete solitude. But, I can’t handle being idle much more than an hour.

To satisfy my desire to control ALL things, I have my hands in a lot of things.

You know, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Thanks, Gandhi.

I am a complete control freak, one of my least desirable qualities. See, I tried the whole corporate world gig. I was a Chemist for a pharmaceutical company. I was a TERRIBLE employee, and couldn’t handle not being my own boss. So after the Universe decided to slap me in the face and let me know I was supposed to be a chiropractor, I crossed over to the dark-side and completely changed how I was going to live the rest of my life and raise my family. Michael Family Chiro Logo for Post

I became obsessed with living “GREEN.” My family and friends were so over me. I watched natural births on YouTube, bought The Business of Being Born for Christmas presents and bought stock in coconut oil. I even walked down the medicine aisle just so I could tell a stranger to see a chiropractor instead of taking that pill.

Now, I am still what many would call “crunchy.” My small-town high school friends still think I am crazy, but I have found my groove as a Holistic Physician, mama, educator, and just a plain ‘ole Georgia girl.

I had my children in a tub at home with a midwife. Neither are vaccinated, and my son isn’t circumcised. I nursed my children for ~1,300 looooong days. I like to babywear, but I still own 3 strollers. My daughter co-slept and nursed on demand, but I used the EAT.PLAY.SLEEP method with my son. My kids have never had cow’s milk, yet I let them devour Chick-fil-A at least once a week. I do 3 Whole30’s a year, but love 3 sips of Coca-Cola out of a can. I pureed all of my daughter’s food and chose baby-led weaning with my son. His first, not mama-milk food, was a pork chop bone at our family’s Valentine’s Date.

I LOVE being with my kids. Heck, I volunteer for/take control of every school activity possible (PTA, School Foundation, class mom, lunch room guard, book reader). Come 5p.m…I’m over it. I am legitimately scared of the next 12 years of school with my daughter. Kindergarten homework is similar to the cold war. A LOT OF THREATENING and PEACE talks! Yes, I send my kiddos to public school. You moms that homeschool are seriously superheroes. Somebody should do scientific research on your prefrontal cortex because the amount of patience and self-discipline you possess is insane. 

As a Doctor whose chiropractic practice is nearly 60% moms and kids, I found myself in a position where I was constantly being asked, “What do you do when…” “How do you…” “Why did you…” What I realized is, I love the aspect of educating from a place of not only knowledge but also trial and error. While I am extremely educated on subjects and definitely have my opinions, I am just a normal MOM. So I am going to open my crazy brain up to you for the next year on mama and baby stuff in hopes that you can make some “adjustments” in your life….pun intended…and find out who YOU are.