Tips For Creating the Perfect Home Coffee Bar

I am obsessed with the coffee bar trend! I recently turned my baker’s rack into one. It was easy since I already had I had most of the stuff for it.

Read on for my tips on how to set up the perfect home coffee bar this fall! 

Tips For Creating the Perfect Home Coffee Bar
Tips For Creating the Perfect Home Coffee Bar
Tips For Creating the Perfect Home Coffee Bar

The first thing I did was decide what I wanted on my coffee bar. I got everything together and decided where I wanted to put it. Some people use their kitchen counters or like me, their baker’s rack. I got containers to put snacks and other accessories in and I also bought air-tight containers to put chocolate chips and marshmallows in.

I was able to find containers and other items at stores like Target, Walmart, Marshall’s, and the Dollar Tree. I included items for anyone to have a nice warm drink. This included herbal teas, apple cider, and hot cocoa packets as well as sugar-free options. I put my coffee maker on the counter of the baker’s rack and placed a placemat under it for a more decorative feel. The baker’s rack came with hooks and so I purchased cute coffee cups from the Dollar Tree to hang. What I love about this whole concept is there are no rules and you can really make it a fun activity to show your creativity and hospitality.

Here is a list of the items and accessories I included in my coffee bar:
1. Instant coffee
2. Powdered coffee creamer which you could also get in any coffee aisle individual coffee creamers.
3. I got honey sticks and honey spoons for tea and coffee.
4. To go coffee cups and plastic cups
5. Fall-inspired flavored syrups
6. Chocolate chips
7. Mini marshmallows
8. Various herbal teas.
9. Various black and green teas
10. Hot cocoa packets
11. Apple cider packets
12. Napkins and dessert plates
13. Coffee stirrers
14. Spices like nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, ginger, and cocoa powdered
15. Various Snacks like chips and pastries
16. Various storage containers and baskets
17. Bottled water, tea, and soft drinks.

I love to entertain and can’t wait to have people over for a nice hot drink. My family loves how everything we need is in one place. My husband said it feels like we are in a real coffee shop. I love the convenience of making a fun cup of coffee at home!

Tips For Creating the Perfect Home Coffee BarDo you have an at-home coffee bar? What items do you include? Let us know in the comments!