The Swiftie Bowl

The Swiftie Bowl
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We all have our reasons for watching “The Big Game” every year. If you’re a lucky fan of one of the two teams playing you’re probably on pins and needles while the rest of us only show up for the commercial breaks and the half-time show.

This year a whole new fan base has taken interest as Swifties everywhere tune in with hopes that Miss Americana herself will be in attendance. Theories about whether or not she will be making the quick turnaround from her last show in Tokyo over to Las Vegas to support her bowl-bound beau have been buzzing around social media.

If you’ve been a Taylor Swift fan for a long time, you already know the numbers are adding up. If she makes it to the Super Bowl this will be her 13th attendance at a game this season. Never mind that this is “big game” number 58, add it together and what do you get? (It’s 13…in case you didn’t know) Swifties love nothing more than a coincidental number 13 or two.

So, why not add some Swiftie flair to your bowl get-together this year? Karma is the guy on the Chiefs after all. Here are a few ways to bejewel your party without upsetting the Dads, Brads, and Chads.

1, 2, 3, Let’s Go!

You Can Make Me A Drink –

Taylor is a wine drinker and Sancerre is one of her very favorites. She has also been spotted popping a bottle of Gaslighter Rose. For cocktails she enjoys vodka and diet coke, the French blonde, and of course mojitos on occasion. Don’t forget to bring the Champagne in hopes that we don’t run into any Problems. Add any of these to your party line or you can serve themed mocktails such as Lavender Haze lemonade.

Take the Moment and Taste it

One of her favorite foods is simply chicken fingers with ketchup and (seemingly) ranch. Which makes for an easy and kid-friendly snack for the big game. You can also find Taylor’s favorite Chai Sugar Cookie recipe via Google to make as a sweet treat to add next to the chips and dips.

Dressing for Revenge –

You can DIY or you can head over to Etsy to find some really cute Chiefs/Swiftie/NFL crossover gear. 49ers fans may have to get a little more creative. As always, Eras Tour merch and glitter are approved for every occasion in my opinion.

So Make The Friendship Bracelets –

If you enjoy crafts set up a friendship bracelet-making station. Add the colors for both teams playing and letter beads as well. Don’t forget to order extra 8’s, 7’s, 1’s, and 3’s.

You Took a Polaroid of Us –

I love a Polaroid camera photo booth. Set up a homemade photo booth with football/Swiftie theme props and backgrounds.

You could also make this a Girls’ Night and go full Swiftie-themed!

Do you plan to celebrate the Swiftie Bowl? Tell us in the comments below! 

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