The Month of the Military Child

Did you know that April is the month of the military child?

The Month of the Military Child
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There are currently about 50,000 active duty military children living in the state of Georgia, and that is not even counting the thousands of National Guard or Reserve families. Some schools celebrate by wearing purple, giving out gift bags, and having decorated soldiers come to speak to students. A great way to make military children feel seen and appreciated especially during these crazy times.

I am raising three military children myself and if there’s one thing I know it is that all military children display courage and resilience way beyond their years. They were born into a life of constant change, uncertainty, and sometimes chaos and they learn to just persevere no matter where they land. They learn to adapt and make friends despite constantly being “the new kid” which just becomes more difficult the older you get. They learn to say goodbye to a parent for a long period of time, which never gets easier.

The time changes and internet or connection issues are enough to bring anyone to tears. But for most military children this is just a fact of life for now. Until that long-awaited day when their father or mother retires or separates and they get to join their civilian peers on the other side. A side that has its own challenges, yet also a lot more stability.

So this April, find a military child in your community, school, or church and celebrate them in whatever way you see fit.

I promise you can make their day with a little positivity, hope, and friendship. As they say, “We are all fighting a battle no one knows anything about,” and these young warriors are no different. They sacrifice for our country and freedom just like the brave men and women who raise them.

Happy military child month to the 1.6 million military children around the world. We see you and we celebrate you!

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Caitlyn Viviano
Caitlyn Viviano is a military spouse and mom to three children under seven. She holds a Master's Degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and worked as an elementary school counselor before having children. She continues to support and advocate for public schools but has found writing is her true passion. She is currently working on writing a children’s book about unicorns inspired by her daughter Chloe. When she is not writing or chasing after her kids she enjoys painting, baking, and has just started gardening. She recently left South Carolina and moved to Georgia and is looking forward to making Georgia home for the next few years until the Air Force tells her otherwise.


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