The Big Game:: Party, Eats, and Entertainment Tips

Try these Big Game preparation tips so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game with friends and family.

The NFL playoffs have begun which means the big game finale is around the corner! Time to eat all the snacks, laugh at the commercials, and judge the half-time performance like we’re on American Idol.

If I’m being honest football has grown on me recently, I enjoy a good game. So this year, I actually will be paying attention. But before the big game, mama has to prep. Let’s talk party, eats, and entertainment tips.

The Big Game:: Party, Eats, and Entertainment Tips

Virtual Cook-Off Fun

If you’re physically distancing but still want to feel close to your buddies, you can do a virtual cook-off! Pick a recipe and get it out to everyone before the big game and then share over zoom. You can share your critiques virtually and then keep the (zoom) party going by staying on to celebrate the wins.

Blind Taste Testing

If you’re getting together with friends this year you can bring something different to the table with a blind taste test. There are so many ideas here! You can pick your favorite adult beverage, root beer, popcorn, even water. Check out this list of blind taste test ideas. This will only take a little advanced planning!

All you have to do is pick one person who will come up with categories for your “blind” food of choice and then distribute them to everyone in an inconspicuous way. This is sure to bring everyone together, break up the monotony of hearing the announcers, and produce a few laughs as well.

Kid-Tivities Are a Must

Ok hear me out, we all know that it’s hard to have a good time when the kids are NOT having a good time. The best way to accomplish everyone having a good time is preparation. Prepare for them to say they’re bored, it’s coming.

Why not set up a kids’ table this year? Load it up with activities, and all the fun knick-knacks you can find at the dollar store. If you’re feeling particularly crafty you can even take some Busy Toddler activities and adapt them for the game. F is for football, right?

Load Up on the Snacks

January may have come with some new wellness goals for us, but take the time to indulge for the day. Eat the snacks mama! Order your favorite wings, drink your favorite beer, and don’t skimp out on dessert. Also, go easy on yourself. Only have snacks and small plates!

A great way to even the playing field so you’re not in the kitchen all day is to break it up. Order half of your food (make sure to order ahead and beat the rush) and then prepare the rest. If you know someone makes a dish that you’re dying to have, this is your reminder to text and ask them now.

Be sure to check out this recipe we’ve shared for Buffalo Chicken Sliders that are perfect for game day.

The Big Game is set for Sunday, February 13, 2022. Or in mom world, tomorrow. You can enjoy it this year, just take a little time to prep and lean on your village for help. Come game time, you can have a drink and relax!

Do you have any tips for celebrating game day? Share below! 
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