Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces for Spring

Spring is here! Which means warmer temperatures and more time outside! While I’m not looking forward to springtime allergies and pollen showers I am looking forward to packing away our coats and hats until next year and spending some time outside on my front or back porch.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces For SpringWith outdoor spaces being desolate during the winter, there has to be a little bit of work to make them new again for spring.

Here are five tips to sprucing up your outdoor spaces just in time for the warmer weather coming our way!

  1. Give it a good dusting.
    You’ve got to start somewhere! Why not give the front and back porch a good ole dusting or a blow over? It’s nice to start fresh and build your porch decor and/or relaxation station from the ground up. Good-bye dead winter leaves!
  2. Start from the bottom to top with decor.
    Inventory your outdoor decor for spring and make a list of what you need. Most stores have their outdoor spring merchandise ready to go so run don’t walk. Start with an outdoor rug old or new, figure out which chairs you will use, what plants do you want to have, and what color scheme will pull everything together. Places like Target, Home Goods, and Home Depot are good for outdoor decor.
  3. Classy in the front, party in the back.
    I’m keeping this as my motto for the outdoor spaces this year. This way there’s more real estate to do all the things we want to do outside. Is it pretty, maybe white, and you want to have it but don’t want it to get dirty? Put it in the front! Is it functional, fun for the kids, or maybe even a little cheesy? Put it in the back! You can have your aesthetically pleasing front porch while still creating an outdoor spot for the family to hangout.
  4. Start planting for summer now!
    Recently my mother-in-law came over to help us start a little spring/summer garden for the kids and it was so engaging for them. Not only is it great for them to plant something and watch it grow, but they can contribute to the beauty of your outdoor spaces for spring. I’m hoping that because we started early we’ll actually grow some stuff this year!
  5. Safety first!
    One thing I love to do as it gets warmer is to set up an outdoor bucket/tote with sunscreen, first aid supplies, and a few outdoor play essentials (think bubbles, chalk). We keep it in an easy spot to grab before we spend time outside and it’s a lifesaver!

With these tips, you’ll be ready to spend ALL your time in your outdoor spaces this spring. Whether you are sipping your coffee on your classy front porch or grilling with the whole family while you party in your backyard, enjoy it, mamas! And of course, don’t forget to take your allergy medicine! Because even if you can’t see the pollen, it’s there.

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